Symantec Safe Site

Symantec Safe Site

The Norton Secured Seal

Symantec Safe Site

Norton Secured Seal
Recognized by 77% of online consumers, more than any other trust mark.

In addition to the already reputable Symantec Seal, you can also get a Norton Secured Seal on your site. This just ramps up your site’s credibility, especially on the online security department. Norton is one of the top companies in terms of anti-malware programs. Evidently, this supplementary seal is ideal for any web site or merchant that needs visitors to trust their site, but does not need the security of SSL, for instance:

Ecommerce: Symantec Safe Site is perfect for online retailers that outsource their payment or shopping cart. Your customers can post Symantec Safe Site to give their customers the confidence to buy online.

Publishers: Symantec Safe Site helps publishers establish credibility, so their click-throughs increase.

Small business owners: Symantec Safe Site helps small business owners bring that same level of trust to their web site that they’ve built in their neighborhood.

Symantec Safe Site – Earning Trust Leads to More Sales

Studies show that many customers are still having reservations about conducting online transactions. A huge portion of the respondents believed that buying products online is not safe. Considering the fact that online stores require buyers to reveal their personal information, the latter find it hard to entrust their data willingly.

Overall, only 16% of these customers are more trusting towards e-commerce websites. However, with more advanced cybercrimes on the rise, this staggering number could even dwindle.

Such circumstances drive online businesses to work harder to amplify their brand, and eventually, their reputation. They do so by gaining impressive amounts of traffic, in hopes of winning their customers’ trust and confidence. Symantec Safe Site is a surefire tool to accomplish such a feat speedily, effectively, and efficiently. As a frontrunner in the online credibility scene, Symantec makes sure that each click is safe for customers. Whether your customers are filling out a contact form, or checking out ads, Symantec guarantees your website with the utmost user experience.

Symantec Safe Site

Malware Alerts
Daily malware scans inform you as soon as malware is detected on your site. Helps reduce the risk of becoming blacklisted by search engines.

Symantec Safe Site

More Search Traffic
Symantec Safe Site has an all-inclusive Seal-in-Search to ensure that your website performs better in search engines. Once they have approved your site, they will certify it with a Symantec seal. This accreditation proves that your website is indeed safe for browsing.

Symantec Safe Site

Easy Installation
Safe Site is simple to setup with no server configurations or certificates.

What is the Difference Between Symantec Safe Site and Other Business Seals?

According to the 2009 US Brand Tracker Survey, the Symantec Safe Site seal is the only recognizable certification on the Internet. While there are other options, Symantec dominates the online security industry with 90,000 websites displaying it across 160 countries. This makes approximately 175 million times a day on average. Also, Symantec has the highest recognition rate among consumers (86%), banks (93%), ecommerce sites in North America (87%), and Fortune 500 companies (93%). Symantec covers a lot of ground when it comes to providing top-grade web protection. Regardless of the field, your website is focusing on, you would still get first-class treatment similar to a top-performing industry.

There have been customer case studies showing how outstanding Symantec is in terms of performance. On average, there’s an increase of 24% in sales for websites with a genuine Symantec Safe Site seal on their pages. Combine this with an SSL certification, and these numbers would further increase. Effectively, you can keep customers at bay (and coming for more) when you have a guaranteed certification of safety for your website.

Symantec Safe Site

Symantec Safe Site

Build Customer Trust with Symantec Safe Site

As Low As SGD$365.00/year (equivalent to S$30.42 per month!)

Increase traffic and sales with the Symantec seal
Daily website scans monitor your site for malware
Easy to install, no technical experience required