Symantec Safe Site

Symantec Safe Site

The Norton Secured Seal

Symantec Safe Site

Norton Secured Seal
Recognized by 77% of online consumers, more than any other trust mark.

Symantec Safe Site encourages customers to trust you by displaying the Norton Secured Seal on your site. The Norton Seal shows potential customers that Symantec, the leader in online security, verifies that your site is legitimate and malware-free. With Symantec Safe Site, you can earn trust and establish your reputation as a credible and safe place for customers to shop. It is ideal for any web site or merchant that needs visitors to trust their site, but does not need the security of SSL, for instance:

Ecommerce: Symantec Safe Site is perfect for online retailers that outsource their payment or shopping cart. Your customers can post Symantec Safe Site to give their customers the confidence to buy online.

Publishers: Symantec Safe Site helps publishers establish credibility, so their click-throughs increase.

Small business owners: Symantec Safe Site helps small business owners bring that same level of trust to their web site that they’ve built in their neighborhood.

Symantec Safe Site – Earning Trust Leads to More Sales

Half of consumers believe that their privacy and safety is most at risk while shopping online. Even more shocking, only 16% of consumers believe online stores are trustworthy. If you are not focused on building trust with customers, you are losing out on potential sales opportunities.

Many small businesses struggle to draw traffic to their Web sites and to generate the confidence to buy, click, and sign in online. Symantec Safe Site shows visitors that the web site has been verified by the leader in online trust and gives them the confidence to click. With Symantec Safe Site, you can differentiate your service, reduce customer churn, and increase profits.

Symantec Safe Site

Malware Alerts
Daily malware scans inform you as soon as malware is detected on your site. Helps reduce the risk of becoming blacklisted by search engines.

Symantec Safe Site

More Search Traffic
Symantec Safe Site includes Seal-in-Search, which identifies Symantec trusted sites and display the Symantec seal next to search results in enabled browsers.

Symantec Safe Site

Easy Installation
Safe Site is simple to setup with no server configurations or certificates.

How is Symantec Safe Site different from other business seals?

Symantec Safe Site is the only seal backed by the most trusted security brand on the Internet (US Brand Tracker Survey 2009). On average, the Symantec seal is displayed 175 million times a day on more than 90,000 web sites in 160 countries. The Symantec seal has an 86% recognition rate among consumers (US Brand Tracker Survey 2009). In fact, 97 of the 100 largest SSL-using banks in the world, 87% of the largest ecommerce sites in North America and 93% of the Fortune 500 rely on Symantec (including Symantec, its subsidiaries and affiliates) to secure their web sites. As the brand trusted by major banks and retailers, the Symantec seal helps build confidence on all types of web sites.

Customer case studies have shown an average increase in transactions of 24% (ranging between 10% and 36%) when web sites display Symantec Safe Site. Sites that display Symantec Safe Site on their pages, and use an SSL certificate during checkout, maximize customer retention and purchase completion.

Symantec Safe Site

Symantec Safe Site

Build Customer Trust with Symantec Safe Site

As Low As SGD$365.00/year (equivalent to S$30.42 per month!)

Increase traffic and sales with the Symantec seal
Daily website scans monitor your site for malware
Easy to install, no technical experience required