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What are Translation Services?

Translation services are services that convert information from one language to another.  These services are offered by professional linguists with fluency in both languages.

Translation services help people or organizations communicate with those who speak different languages. They’re often used for official and commercial purposes.

These services ensure that all of your messages are being transferred and nothing is left behind. In other words, they don’t only translate the information; they also translate the sense, sarcasm, emotions, and hidden messages related to the text.

International Translation Services in Singapore

Types of Translation Services

We Translate Text and Multimedia for Every Official and Non-Official Purpose

We’ve a professional network of native and bilingual speakers providing translation services in more than 50 languages.

Literary Translation

Literary Translation

Translate works of literature, such as books, poems, and plays, while preseving the emotions of the author.

Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Translate technical documents, such as user manuals, company reports, and patent applications.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Translate medical documents, such as patient records, clinical trial protocols, and informed consent forms.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Translate legal documents, patents, litigation support, licenses and certificates, etc. for every legal use.

Financial Translation

Financial Translation

Translate financial documents like bank statements, balance sheets, annual reports, and investment prospectuses.

Website Translation

Website Translation

Appeal to global users by translating websites and web-based content into different languages, word by word.

Multimedia Translation

Audio and Video Translation 

Translate audio and video content, such as videos, movies, TV shows, and podcasts. We can also help with subtitles.

Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

We have live interpreters who’ve already worked in some of the most prestigious local and global events.

Why Do You Need it?

Benefits of Hiring Translation Services for Your Business

If you’re just moving to Singapore, you have to make sure that your brand messages align with the cultural values and expectations of the people. Similarly, if you’re looking to expand your business to another country, you need to ensure your content or messages are easily understandable by your customers and business partners.

Here are the reasons to hire translation services:

Better Localization of Brand

By accurately translating the language, your employees and customers both connect well with your brand. You’ll give them a feeling that you’re one of them rather than someone from the outside.

Efficient Business Processes

Without translation, some documents can be difficult to understand for the receiver. There is also the risk of them taking actions that weren’t intended in the messages. This could take time and even money to correct.

Less Legal Issues

Sometimes, small communication errors can cause legal problems. A translator can help you avoid those situations. However, you need to make sure that they have suitable skills and experience in law.

More Product Sales

With translation services, you broaden your market reach and customer base. More people can understand what you’re selling and the values you offer. Thus, you’ll be able to sell more of your product.

Why Hire Us?

IT Solution Pte. Ltd Has the Best Team of Translators in Singapore

It’s simple- with us, you get the most accurate translations. Each of our translator has been carefully handpicked based on their experience and academic expertise in every language.

Furthermore, we take our time to understand your translation goals. We don’t start translating after reading the first sentence; we’ll only start after learning what you want to accomplish.

  • Available in more than 40 languages
  • Subject Experts on Different Niches
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unlimited Revisions
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International Translation Services

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