Email Hosting Migration to Google G Suite

Our Project - Migrating Hosting Server Email to Google G Suite

IT Solution Singapore team was pleased to offer the client the solutions for migrating their current email hosting to Google G Suite services. The services gain client the ability to have a smooth transition from their current email hosting to Google G Suite. The client views their emails via their computer with Microsoft Outlook which was using POP & IMAP setting on various employees. The task was to ensure after the migration, the setting in the Microsoft Outlook is required to change the mail server setting to Google G Suite.

Google G Suite offers improved collaboration capabilities, which enhances productivity that Google Drive allows the client to share the documents easily via online. Able to work together on the Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides within the organization. With the IMAP enabled in the Gmail setting, the client will be able to view their emails in their computer Microsoft Outlook.

Client Problem – Email in Existing Hosting Server
The client was unable to send out email due to IP address blocked by the existing vendor hosting server. Not able to receive emails when they should be received on time or mail getting bounced. The existing support team was not unable to assist the client in fixing their issue. There wasn’t any SSL connection for sending out emails due to SSL expired. The client finance department email account was receiving many spam emails that show fake invoices, which the finance department was not able to identify the correct vendor invoices to make payment.

Our Client
The client enjoys IT Solution reliable support and speedy response time from our team of professionals. By helping them to smoothly migrate their emails within 1 day or less which their email was live and running, they are able to go about doing their business without hassles. With the Google G Suite services itself, the client does not need to worry about the loss of data or mail not sending out.

Email Hosting Migration to Google G Suite


"I would like to thank IT Solution Singapore team for their support in setting up the Google G Suite and migration of our emails as we have purchased their Google G Suite reasonable professional services fee and the migration fee. Their IT support team are friendly and communicates well. They have provided a good service response and it was a pleasure working with them." - Your Client

The Result

Overall Improvements / 98%
Increased Efficiency / 95%
Cost Savings / 98%
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