Everstone Capital Asia Pte Ltd

  • Date: June 23, 2016
Everstone Capital Asia

The Client

Everstone Capital Asia Pte Ltd

Founded in 2006 by Atul Kapur and Sameer Sain, Everstone now has around 200 people working across five offices. Our focused strategies have dedicated teams sharing a common platform of infrastructure and services.

With assets under management of US$ 3.3 billion, Everstone has significant resources and a strong institutional platform.

Everstone has a strong partnership oriented culture and truly believes in working closely with entrepreneurs, corporations, asset owners and service providers to achieve mutual success.

They look to invest in businesses and opportunities that have a strong nexus to the Indian sub-continent.

Our Project - IT equipment and supplies

IT Solution is proud to be Everstone Capital Asia’s vendor in supplying IT equipment and other IT supplies. We ensure that the equipment are compatible and meets the minimum standard that is designed for use in a business. We examined the premises, the requirements specified and other conditions.

We, at IT Solution, provide good quality materials, techniques and standards to execute the contract between us and Everstone Capital Asia, with the care, skill and diligence required in accordance with best computing practice.

Bauer Technologies Far East Pte Ltd

The Result

Overall Improvements / 88%
Increased Efficiency / 90%
Cost Savings / 88%