MindChamps PreSchool

  • Date: January 29, 2016
Our Client - Mindchamps Preschoo

The Client

Mindchamps Preschool

The MindChamps PreSchool program is designed to free the natural flow of learning in preschool children – to create the champion learners of the future.

MindChamps’ extensive research in neuroscience, education, psychology and theatre, coupled with Professor Allan Snyder’s breakthrough findings on the Champion Mindset, have shown that Champions are those who, above all, make their own unique creative connections. This is what makes MindChamps’ cutting-edge approach to creating Young Champions so unique – it is the only one of its kind in the world.

MindChamps PreSchool enhances and strengthens every child’s own natural learning abilities. By first Freeing, then Leading, the Imagination, the program helps children to create their own unique connections. Building on these strong connections, we help each child establish a positive relationship with the learning experience, so that this positive and creative mindset becomes a part of their learning experiences for life.

Our Project - IT Desktop Support

IT Solution is pleased to offer MindChamps PreSchool our IT Desktop Support services. Our services include Phone, Remote and Ad-hoc On-site IT Desktop Support Services. We deliver timely, reliable, and expert services, allowing customers to be closely aligned with their needs and resources.

These services help in speeding resolution of all issues faced pertaining to MindChamps PreSchool’s IT infrastructure. Our support tech and customer service provide seamless accessibility and smooth running of IT infrastructure, at the same time enhancing user-experience, which is extremely important for the business growth of MindChamps PreSchool.

Bauer Technologies Far East Pte Ltd

The Result

Overall Improvements / 91%
Increased Efficiency / 92%
Cost Savings / 90%