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Our Project - Office 365

IT Solution is pleased to offer client our Office 365 services. The services gain client the ability to continue hosting mailboxes locally, for situations where the hosted solution is not acceptable, to increase the default mailbox size to 50 GB for all Office 365 users, without purchasing additional storage, and to use the rich web application (OWA) in a wider variety of browsers (IE 7+, Safari 3+, Firefox, and Chrome).

Office 365 also offers improved collaboration capabilities, which enhances productivity, and includes a password-protected portal to share large files that are too huge to be sent via email in the organization. The security features introduced are remarkable and help to protect the data. In addition, it will be backed with a 99.9-percent uptime guarantee.

Office 365 Solutions
Domain Solutions

Our Project - Domain and Hosting

Client has chosen our domain and hosting services. They enjoy reliable support and speedy response time from our team of professionals. By helping them to get their website live and running, they are able to go about doing their business without hassles. With daily backup, they do not need to worry about the loss of data.


"I would like to thank the ITSS team for their support in setting up the Microsoft office 365 setup and assisting us in our enquiries as we have purchased their domain and hosting services for me. Their IT support are friendly and communicates well. They have provided a good service response and it was a pleasure working with them." - Your Client

The Result

Overall Improvements / 92%
Increased Efficiency / 90%
Cost Savings / 92%
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