One Stop IT Solutions

We provide One Stop IT Solutions for a local accounting firm in Singapore and Malaysia, handling all of their IT needs such as Server & Network Solution, Search Engine Marketing - PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Business View, Security, Web Development, Web Maintenance, Hosting, Domain and Logo Design.

Website Development

Our Project - Website

The client website was developed as a well-designed user-friendly site, with a theme that associates with the company brand. The website provides extensive information that are easily accessible with one click. The homepage is a snapshot of what the company has to offer, as such, visitors are able to have an idea of the company services in just one glimpse.

Apart from developing, our duty is also to ensure that the website are well-maintained at all times. Our goal is to provide them with top-notch IT solution services that exceeds their expectations.

Logo Design

Our Project - Logo Design

Logo represent a company identity. Prior to the design stage, we spend time understanding the background and requirements for client to ensure that we deliver outstanding results.

We are so glad to be part of this project and was really delighted to know that our client was happy with the outcome. We are so excited to satisfy more clients in the future.

Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Our Project - Marketing

We run an optimized online marketing campaign using Adwords (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for client that helps them to reach customers cost-effectively. With targeted marketing strategy, we are able to reach the right consumers, and not just anyone who is surfing the internet. To maximize ROI, we ensure that we get the most out of SEO apart from just paid ads.

Our Social Media Marketing services has helped client in engaging their customers online and building meaningful relationships. We helped them in building a strong brand in all social media platforms that aid in business success.

Domain & Hosting

Our Project - Domain & Hosting

The client has chosen our domain and hosting services. They enjoy reliable support and speedy response time from our team of professionals. By helping them to get their website live and running, they are able to go about doing their business without hassles. With daily backup, they do not need to worry about the loss of data.

SSL Security

Our Project - SSL Security

Client picked the Digicert EV SSL for their SSL Certificate. Only Extended Validation SSL Certificates trigger the green bar in high-security web browsers. This means that the organization has been authenticated according to the most rigorous industry standard. It gives web site visitors an easy and reliable way to establish trust online, thus enhancing sales.


Our Project - Firewall

We protect client Singapore and Malaysia data centers and high-speed networks with firewall. Our services offer full threat prevention with a large number of processors being distributed across networking, security, switch management and logging functions.

We are able to maximize protection and support users without compromising their performances, while enhancing greater flexibility in terms of business growth.

IT Infrastructure

Our Project - Infrastructure Services

We provide IT infrastructure services for client such as networking, storage, recovery, server integration, maintenance and many more.

To date, we have helped client in setting up infrastructure network, servers, firewall and configuration in their offices in Singapore and Malaysia. We assist them in other areas of infrastructure services from time to time to ensure that their business is always up and running. We are their IT support in all network matters. We provide solutions and maintenance work to enhance their business efficiency.

We utilize the technology of cloud computing to maximize the effectiveness of shared resources. All client staffs worked in a cloud environment. We are expecting to expand and adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

Google Apps for Work

Our Project - Google Apps for Work

Our experienced team assist client to deploy Google Apps for their organization. We helped them to leverage Google Apps for Work which now know as G Suite to improve employee productivity and reduce IT expenses, with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

The organization is now able to tap on Google’s web-based messaging and collaboration tools, which provide exchange-like features without the administration headaches & high initial expenditures. We integrate & migrate their existing system to take full advantage of the features available in Google Apps.


Website Before


Website After

Our Project - Website Revamp & Optimization

We revamped client website to an engaging website that are well-structured and user-friendly.

In addition, we also assist in optimizing it to a search engine friendly, mobile and tablet optimized site. Previously, client does not have a mobile or tablet optimized website, because more and more people are going online through their smartphone and tablet these days, it would be wise to own a website that is accessible on mobile devices to bring in more traffic and boost sales.

Website After - Table View

Majority of consumers these days are doing “multiscreening”, accessing sites on mobile, tablet or desktop, so consistent experiences across device need to be deployed.

Website After - Mobile View

The Result

Overall Improvements / 93%
Increased Efficiency / 92%
Cost Savings / 91%
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