Build an Artificial Intelligence That Is Close To The Human Mind

Build an Artificial Intelligence That Is Close To The Human Mind

Can we ever build an Artificial Intelligence that is close to the human mind? For years, scientists have been trying to build a computing system that aims to mimic the power of the human brain. We have more than 100 trillion neurons, or electrically conducting cells in our brain, that give us the incredible computing power for which we are known. Computers can do things like multiply 134,341 by 989,999 really well, but they can’t do things like recognise human faces or learn or change their understanding of the world. At least not yet, and that’s the goal of AI: to devise a computer system that can learn, process images and otherwise be human-like.

build an artificial intelligence-that-is close to the human mindIn all our computers, there is a very powerful core, but then you have a long queue of tasks which come in sequentially and processed sequentially. As for our brain, the computation of units, which are the neurons, are connected in highly parallel manner. It’s this high level parallelism that has advantages in learning and recognition. So it’s the parallelism in the brain that allows us to use only what we need only when we need it, and to not waste energy on running background processes that we all know slow down our computing power.


Re-engineer The Computer

The plan today is to re-engineer the computer from the ground up and build a computer that has the capacity for these low voltage decisions that aren’t wired through these few cores that we see today, but instead with each circuit of messages working in parallel like the brain does. Until recently, this was a theoretical concept because there was really no way to send as much information in a single transmission as we have now.  So, artificial intelligence is only a few incredible brilliant research careers away from a reality.

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Creating a Radical New Computing Paradigm

Scientists may be on the verge of creating a radical new computing paradigm, one that uses hardware that simultaneously stores and processes information – not unlike networks of neurons in the brain. Brain box computing chips may just be the future and create machine minds that can parse rich streams of data in real time, spot patterns that elude us, and maybe learn without any help from humans. This chip may soon be used in all laptops, smartphones, tablets, you name it. These machine minds will be able to think on their own and process information similar to how a human brain does it. The brain box is a revolution of the future and though it is still in it’s initial stages, it will soon be able to process process huge streams of data in real time.

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