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What is Malware?
What is Malware? The term malware is a contraction of malicious software. Put simply, malware is any piece of software that was written with the intent of doing harm to data, devices or to people. When you hear talk of viruses, Trojans, spyware and ... Read More
October 25, 2017IT Solution Singapore
Building a security awareness culture in an organisation
Building a Security Awareness Culture In an Organisation A strong security culture not only interacts with the day-to-day procedures, but also defines how security influences the things that your organisation provides to others. Those offerings may be products, services, or solutions, but they must have security applied to all parts ... Read More
October 24, 2017IT Solution Singapore
Can You Afford Downtime?
Can You Afford Downtime? If you own your own business, there is one word that could send you into a frenzied panic when it comes to your website – down time. Downtime is when a website outage occurs on the website for a period of time, which is usually the result ... Read More
October 24, 2017IT Solution Singapore