Meet The Team That Made Us A Force To Be Reckoned With In The Industry

IT Solution Singapore aims to provide the One-Stop IT solution for your business, allowing our clients to harness the power of the latest technologies at cost-effective rates. IT Solution understands that every client has unique technical requirements and value advanced applications customized to client. As an innovator in the industry, IT Solution delivers the most sought-after solutions to different business sectors, allowing our clients to harness the latest info-communication technologies to optimize their network, applications, web platforms, and online marketing.

Abigail understands the importance of information technology solutions in creating value for businesses. She manages IT Solution on the insight that every client has its own special needs and requires a comprehensive IT setup that can accommodate their unique technical requirements beyond IT solutions.

Most businesses know the need for an online business presence but believes it ends with their company website. With Abigail’s extensive knowledge and global experience, her customer engagement team at IT Solution Singapore provides far more than IT support, offering clients a wide range of services covering design and content writing, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing to cloud solutions and mobile app development.

As corporations and governments grapple with the Fourth Industrial Revolution which has disrupted almost every industry, heralding the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance, Abigail Yu recognized the immense growth opportunities created through the emergence of digital systems, networked communications, machine learning and large-scale data analysis in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Riding the Smart Nation wave, Abigail Yu is channeling her passion for innovation into the new growth area of robotic business automation where she and her hand-picked team of technologists will design and develop cutting-edge solutions that will radically re-engineer the traditional business processes in the IT industry. The integration of these technologies into business and production processes will lead to greater sustainability and efficiency for businesses and give the clients using IT Solution Singapore that definitive competitive edge.