To avoid cable blockage and to ensure your business telecommunication and information system run smoothly and efficiently, invest in racks and enclosures. These are primary components as they provide the frame needed to support your electronic equipment, cooling power and also cable management.

What is a Rack?

A rack can be best described as the framework that is used to mount network equipment. Enclosures, on the other hand, are racks that are fitted with front & rear doors and side panels. However, if you’re a small company or a start-up, then open racks may be your best choice as open racks are affordable and can provide easy access to rack equipment when it comes to server maintenance. Additionally, they are also easier to keep cool.

However, if you are a growing company with increasing funds, then it is best to invest in enclosures. The biggest advantage of investing in enclosures is the IT security it offers. All modern floor, ceiling and wall enclosures today feature keyed-entry. This is excellent as it significantly lowers the risk of vandalism and possible intrusion—restricting unauthorised users from entering or breaking into your system. Furthermore, to prevent impact damage doors and side panels are constructed of heavy cold rolled steel.

Your One Stop Provider for Rack Equipment

At IT Solution Singapore, we specialise in power & rack equipment. We offer the widest range of racks and enclosures for you to choose from. Our range includes cable management trays, enclosures with roof and sides, rack monitor and more.

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