Protect & Keep Your Website Secure

With lack of awareness and consequences, over 174 million private records were obtained by hackers in 2011. These malicious actions do not discriminate – hackers can attack individuals, small-scale firms, multinational corporations, and even governments and nations. In other words, any party who has no website protection measures nor hacking prevention tools can be an obvious victim. Most hackers use automated tools to find vulnerable sites, so there is a risk whether you are from big organizations or small businesses.

Your website is the bridge that connects your business and your customers. It also serves as a platform to get your brand across your clients overseas. Being under a hacker attack can fatally affect your company’s operations, reputation, and your relationships with your customers, partners, and other parties. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website gets the appropriate protection it requires.


Prevent hackers from stealing data your customers share with you. SSL stops hackers from tapping into your site to get passwords, credit card details, and sensitive information. We offer three of the biggest brands in SSL with a range of choices that fit any website. Learn More..




An identity is stolen every 3 seconds. Your risk of becoming the next victim rises with each detail about you that gets online. Lower your risk by removing your identity from your domain’s records. Learn More..



Hackers break into websites by exploiting weaknesses in a website’s network and software. SiteLock shields your site by monitoring both and helps to dispose of any vulnerabilities it finds. Learn More..




Malware attacks are on the rise. An infection on your site can cripple it, eliminating traffic and sales. Monitor your site for malware so you can eliminate it before it hurts your business. Learn More..



Document signing certificates are digital certificates that verify the legitimacy of documents and the authenticity of its author. The major objective of this certificate is to prevent any alteration and tampering in your document.

Document Signing Services in Singapore

S/MIME certificates are digital certificates that facilitate the transfer of secure email messages over the Internet. S/MIME stands for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and you can use this protocol to encrypt email messages and digitally sign them.

S/MIME Certificates