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The Necessity of Backup Data Creation for Business Establishments

Businesses are extending their reach, in line with catching up to technological advancements and globalization. They have been embracing virtualization and remote operations while still applying the best aspects of having an office space. Data storage has dramatically improved as well. From keeping files on cabinets to having them on a digital or cloud platform, it is amazing to witness the transformation caused by pioneering technology. It has made backup software solutions more achievable even for small enterprises.

However, it seems that many companies still have a long way to go in terms of contingency planning. Simple errors like accidentally deleting files can be too minuscule to overlook, but they do add up over time. Also, having your data stolen from you can be detrimental to your business. When you do not have the means to retrieve them, it could hamper your operational productivity. Worse, it could drive away your customers and cause you terrible losses.

To top it all off, there is also the concern regarding naturally fortuitous events which could possibly take place anytime. Earthquakes and floods can cause major power outages and blackouts. Surprisingly, there is a huge percentage of businesses around the world which do not have a coherent, long-term plan yet for these situations. In other words, they are not ready for the worst. Eventually, they will definitely regret it when that dreadful day occurs.

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Fortunately, there is still good news – you can employ measures to prevent these horrible circumstances from ever happening. By integrating a backup software into your infrastructure, you can now access your data when you need them. As a result, you can carry on with your business fluidly, without any interruptions.

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How Does Our Backup Software Work?

The power of virtualization is truly undeniable. We maximize such power by applying it on our backup software solutions. By utilizing a cloud-based platform, we can store all your data in the software, in real-time. Further, we will be keeping a backup account to contain all of them. What we mean by real-time is that we back up files from the moment you have uploaded them into our system. This means you can retrieve even the most recent documents in case something bad happens to your infrastructure.

This is possible due to our high-tech capabilities of data replication. It does not matter how voluminous your set of files is. We can keep an unlimited amount of data, from single computers to entire company databases.

As always, we at IT Solution are specialists of IT Security. We would ensure that all of your files get the protection they need. After all, cybercrimes like illegal data mining or hacking are rampant nowadays. To prevent this from happening, we encrypt all of your data within our database to distort its content. This discourages hackers from interpreting code patterns and mapping pathways to infiltrate your system.

Lastly, our services eliminate the ceiling-level cost factor of backup solutions. Traditional data restoration methods tend to be expensive due to the amount of effort it requires. Thanks to the groundbreaking cloud technology, we can streamline operations and save an immense amount of time. From that, we can cut a huge chunk of expenses which people normally spend on your average backup service provider.

Protect your company’s mission-critical data and client information from both partial and total loss that may occur either because of natural or man-made disasters by investing in Backup Software.