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Importance of Backup Data Creation for Businesses

The advent of the internet has helped businesses reach out to the masses and cater to customers worldwide; however, on the downside, it has also exposed companies to serious business risk and vulnerabilities, such as hacker attacks, cyber crime, viral infection, hardware failure and spyware.

These threats can cause great damage to your IT business landscape, resulting in data loss, data tampering and system breakdown, bringing your business to a halt, which can lead to a loss of millions of dollars. Failure to restart the business operations quickly can sometimes even result in bankruptcy.

In times like these, remote data backups act as saviours. Proper data backup can help your business recover rapidly and get back on track, without any delay or interruption. In other words, data backup ensures smooth and quick business recovery, saving you from big financial losses and shortening the long road to business operation continuity.

Back Up Software

So, does this mean backups are only good for businesses operating online? Absolutely not! Backup software is equally essential for businesses operating offline, largely because even if you have sensitive business data saved in hardcopy format in your office cabinets, you cannot be confident that your data is well-protected. Nobody knows when natural disasters like an earthquake or a flood may strike and destroy your data. And also, the destruction caused by natural disasters is always extreme as well. According to reports, after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, approximately 60 percent of Mississippi’s SMEs were left in ruins and eventually closed down.

A report from HP and SCORE estimates that 25% of small-businesses fail to reopen following a major disaster. Studies also show that just an hour of business downtime can cost a mid-sized business nearly 74,000 dollars.

Based on these facts and statistics, it will not be wrong to say that without proper data backup, you’re at a risk of losing sensitive and valuable data, and exposing your company to a higher risk of bankruptcy.

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Backup Software – How It Works?

To avoid being in such a situation, backup data planning is crucial. Consider storing and preserving your mission critical and sensitive business data from being lost, regardless of any type of situation with the help of data backup creation.

At IT SOLUTION, we can help you create supplementary copies of your important database, files, single workstations, or your entire enterprise infrastructure. We can provide you with top-quality and easy to use back up software for world-class data protection. It can perform backups at block levels with compression and smooth data redundancy on the cloud, allowing you, the user, to make a well-protected backup database in the fastest time. The database is then encrypted to ensure optimal security and maximum data safety, helping your company continue operations without any serious downtime even when disaster strikes. With backup software, you can easily restore original content after data loss by accessing supplementary copies. Our cloud based back up software programs also eliminate the need for businesses to construct pricey redundant systems. For more information or technical assistance, call us today at (65) 6690 3275.

Protect your company’s mission-critical data and client information from both partial and total loss that may occur either because of natural or man-made disasters by investing in Backup Software.

Back Up Software