Smart Home Solution in Singapore

The saying “technology improves our lives” is pretty much an understatement. Surely, it offers us convenience and efficiency when we are dealing with our day-to-day activities. However, there are more wonders technology can do which can dramatically impact our way of living. From simple device applications to sophisticated smartphones, the list goes on. Technology even reaches new heights as it aims to build a design that equips your house with cutting-edge innovations and amenities – this is what experts refer to as a smart home solution.

Smart Home Solution Overview

The concept of incorporating technology into houses is not that outlandish. In fact, plans for smart home solutions are already a thing during the primitive days of the Internet. While the realization of such plans was impossible at the time, technology has tremendously improved today. This allows for innovations to flourish, leading to limitless potentialities.

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The 21st century Smart Home Solution still have the foundations of its original blueprint: controlling all home functions and operations with a single device. For instance, you can control the overall temperature of your home with one touch, or prepare meals and wash dishes at a set time. Of course, you can do these things manually. However, a smart home that simplifies chores like these can be beneficial especially when you’re already tired from work.

Additionally, another amenity has been introduced: securing homes when owners are away.
Cases in relation to home robberies and property destruction have significantly increased in comparison to previous decades. By equipping your home with an automatic security alarm system, you can definitely lessen, if not eradicate, possibilities of your home getting robbed.

The Necessity of a Smart Home Solution

1. Control home functions with a central network
Accessing various sections in your home can be stressful, especially if you’re already restless. Sometimes, you cannot perform simple chores due to being sick. Situations like these normally happen. Thus, a smart home solution can alleviate these concerns by controlling your home’s amenities with your smartphone.

2. Improve security measures
Smart home technology does not only offer convenience but also protection. You can customize your home by adding surveillance and security measures like cameras, automated door locks, and authentication machines. With these features, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe even when you’re not around.

3. Manage simple chores for your family
Smart homes cater to all individuals and families who want to improve their quality of life while staying in their abode. Usually, children cannot prepare meals by themselves. Well, you can always rely on a simple click at your device to solve this problem. You can preheat your oven or reheat your microwave while you’re driving on the way home. That way, they don’t have to wait for you just to cook dinner for them.

Also, there are times when other members of your family leave the lights on before getting out of the house. That’s clearly a waste of energy and money (since it adds up to the electricity bill). However, you can always monitor your lights with your smartphone that controls your intelligent home.

4. Taking care of disabled and elderly persons
We have stated earlier that smart homes enhance the quality of life. This definitely applies to people who cannot handle tasks or chores due to disabilities or old age. There will always be critics and skeptics saying that smart home technology encourages laziness. However, they cannot dismiss the fact that smart homes can greatly help people with certain incapacities.

What Are the Smart Solutions We Offer?

  • CCTV cameras: Watches over what happens in your home, whether you’re inside or outside
  • Motion Sensor: Detect movements and immediately notify the user when such motion occurs. This is essential when there are potential hazards that could put your home under threat.
  • Smart Plug: A device that works at a pre-determined time, it sets up plugs that automatically turns on or off.
  • Smart Door Lock: Controlling this device with a smartphone will enable you to lock and unlock your door without a key.
  • Lighting control: Control lighting systems of the entire house. You can dim, brighten, or turn off lights with either touch or voice authentications.
  • Home Theatre: Entertain your family, friends, and guests with an all-in-one home theatre system. Watch videos and listen to audio in a cinematic way. It comes with a universal remote which you can control easily.

A smart home is undeniably one of the best innovations of technology. If you’re looking for ideas that could upgrade your home, then a smart home solution is for you. Give us a call if you want to know more or to get an idea about this excellent advancement.