Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office—What Is It?

Developed by Microsoft, MS Office is basically a suite of office applications, services and servers. The computer programs included in this suite are user-friendly and can be used by everyone with utmost ease. Some versions of the MS Office offer more programs than others. The MS Office 2016 is the latest version.

MS Office Applications

The most popular Microsoft Office applications are:

Microsoft Word

MS Word is basically a word processor that enables users to type text using different font styles and even add images. The main file format is .docx and .doc. Using the Word application, you can write detailed content and also ensure that the spellings are correct. Additionally, it also allows users to find synonyms and meanings of difficult words.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a mathematics and spreadsheet program that enables users to make calculations and create graphs based on the data entered. The file formats in Microsoft Excel are .xlsx and .xls.

Microsoft Access

This programming application by Microsoft enables users to create a large database. Using this program, you can store and save your organisational data in the form of tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This is a Microsoft Office application that allows users to create powerful, eye-catching and visually attractive business presentations as well as slideshows which can be displayed and presented on large projectors during business meetings, conferences and other events that require data presentation. With the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create presentation with text, pictures, media, and drawings.

Microsoft Outlook

Unlike other products by Microsoft, this is one application that can be used to connect and communicate between peers and colleagues across the organisation and get the work done by people in different departments with ease and in a timely manner without you having to walk up to their desk. Using Microsoft Outlook, you can both send and receive business emails. Additionally, you can also create your own list of contacts, and keep a track of your scheduled/upcoming meetings using the calendar provided.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher facilitates program users to make interesting layouts for presentations and newsletters that are aligned with their brand image.

Mobile Apps and Server Applications

MS Office also offers mobile and server applications like:

Office Remote and Office Lens

These are mobile applications by Microsoft Office. Office Lens is a cutting-edge image scanner that is exclusively designed to work on mobile devices. Using this application, you can capture documents like whiteboard, papers and business cards via your camera and then can export it to PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook as needed. Office Remote by Microsoft helps transform mobile devices into remote control for MS desktop versions like Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Server applications offered by Microsoft includes SharePoint and Lync Server. Lync is a real-time communication server.

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Microsoft Office