IT Desktop Support Services in Singapore

IT Desktop Support ServicesTake care of all your IT operations by entrusting them to our specialists at IT Solution! We provide Desktop Support Services that meet your company needs and take your resources into consideration. As a professional IT service provider in Singapore, we can only assure you utmost satisfaction as we deliver 100% timely, scalable, and customized support.

To keep the flow of your business operations, you need to make sure that your computers, applications, and networks are working properly. In line with this, we offer the following services:

  • Office Network Support Services
  • Software Support Services
  • Hardware Support Services
  • PC Repair
  • System Maintenance and Monitoring


IT Desktop Support Packages

Fully Managed Desktop – This package includes regular or time to time maintenance. To guarantee that your computer is functional, we will be conducting monthly check-ups. This is ideal for those who want to work with us long-term. We recommend this package as you will be able to monitor your desktop more accurately and consistently.

Ad Hoc Remote Support – This package is for those who are looking for short-term solutions. Choose this deal if you only require to fix small issues on your desktop.

Project-based Support – As the name suggests, this package lets you hire our support staff to manage a specific undertaking that will take a certain period of time. If you have a definite project that requires an appropriate solution, this package is for you.


Types of Desktop Support Services

On Site Desktop Managed Services

If you want to see our experts in action, then we can go directly to your location to solve your concerns. We have a team of engineers that are ready to visit your site and troubleshoot your desktop issues on the spot. In addition, we can install hardware and software, configure any IT-related solutions, and provide server assistance. With this, you would never need to employ a full-time tech support staff, saving you costs.

Remote IT Desktop Support Services

Our office is located in the heart of Singapore, but we can deliver top-grade support wherever your company is situated. You can also contact us anytime, anywhere, even if you are not in your office at the moment. We can fix desktop issues proactively by leveraging the advantage of the nation’s technological advancement. Remote IT Desktop Support Services are for companies operating a home business, or those needing immediate technical support.
Inform us beforehand and in detail what your concerns are. By doing so, we can readily determine if remote desktop support is feasible for that particular situation. Otherwise, you can rely on our on-site services.

Phone IT Desktop Support Services

Phone-related support services are definitely underrated nowadays, due to the availability of online communication systems. Basically, there are issues you cannot relay effectively because you cannot explain them vocally. In cases like these, a phone call is more suitable than just typing away a lengthy and complex issue.

We are proud to say that our technical support team is made up of actual, legitimate, licensed engineers. Other service providers would only hire or outsource call centre agents who never even tried fixing a desktop. This is what makes IT Solution ahead from other companies – we make sure that the ones answering your call have actual experience on the field.

Also, we ensure that you speak to the same IT specialist when you are updating the status of your issue. We record your account for posterity, which makes tracking and monitoring personalized and streamlined.


Patience is undeniably a virtue, and we deeply understand your troubles. This is why our team knows how to handle a phone call well. They are quick to respond and well-versed in terms of communication. Contact Us!