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Building a website for your business, organization, or blog is one thing. Maintaining and securing it, however, as an entirely different matter. It takes time and effort to create a beautiful website that will get a lot of clicks and visits. But it takes more time to make sure that it would stay that way.

While some people prefer to build websites from scratch or using professional services in the market, many people still use WordPress in building their website. After all, WordPress has proven itself to be a reliable and safe platform to build and customize websites with just a few clicks.

However, with so many updates being released in WordPress quite often, maintaining and securing your website could be an overwhelming thing to do. But there’s no need to worry – IT Solution can assist you!

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Our Website Security Protection Report

Our website security protection software – Software as a service (SaaS) will oversee your website overall including updates such as WordPress themes and plugins, backups to our cloud server, uptime monitoring to be alert when your website is downtime, analytics for you to know your web traffic against previous week, security to check on malware or web trust or any vulnerabilites and performance on your website loading speed.

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We understand the need for saving a backup for your files, ranging from your important documents at work to your favorite music and movies. When it comes to your WordPress website, we will back it up every 30 days and our backup service is incremental, reliable, and comes with an off-site storage. It is also capable of backing up important updates and information on your website every hour.

Uptime Monitor

It’s always a bummer when the website you’re visiting suddenly goes down for no reason. And we don’t want that to happen with your website as well. With that, we also feature an uptime monitor service that will check the status of your WordPress website daily. When your WordPress website is down, you will be notified of it so that you could be able to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Safe Updates

Our safe updates feature allows your website to create a restore point which makes updating safer. This works by making a backup of the existing version of your website if plugins need to be updated at some point. This makes sure that when updates fail for some reason, the data on your website will not be removed.

Sucuri Security Check

Viruses and other forms of malware could pose a serious threat to your website. They could cause problems not just to you but for those who use your website as well. Our Sucuri Security Check feature makes sure that your websites are clean and safe from any malware by checking and scanning your website everyday. Once an infected file has been located, you will be able to spot and remove them from your website.

Performance Check

There would be times when the websites would load very slowly. This makes viewers’ browsing experience rather frustrating. With that in mind, we can give you insights on how your website is performing or what is happening on your website. Our performance check feature scans and checks your website on a daily basis and we will let you know if your website is loading quickly as expected or slowly.

Clients Report

It’s important to be updated on almost everything, from the current happenings to what’s going on in your website. We can generate comprehensive, professional reports that you can fully edit so that you could gain full insights on the status of your website. You will receive an email every Monday showing a report on your website’s status for the past week so that you could be able to make changes and add or remove plugins and files if necessary.

Manage Plugins and Themes

Managing the plugins and themes on your WordPress website could be a daunting task to do. After all, there are so many plugins and themes that you can choose from. We will gladly assist you in managing the plugins and themes of your website and we can even help you replace old versions of these plugins and websites with new ones. We will help you update, bulk install, ignore, deactivate, or even install an old version of a plugin with a new one.

Vulnerability Updates

Our vulnerability updates feature provides you with a report of any vulnerable plugins on your website in real-time so that you could be able to act promptly. We will also help you not just in detecting vulnerabilities, but also in resolving them.

Link Monitor

Broken links can be a real problem for both website owners and visitors alike. Our link monitor checks and scans your WordPress website daily for any broken links. Once broken links have been found, our system will notify you about it and provide you a report and the list of broken links on your website so that you could be able to fix them.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Such Services

Here at IT Solution, we understand that providing great and reliable website security protection services for our customers doesn’t need to come at a great price. You can avail the services mentioned above for only $300 a year! That’s right! For a reasonable Singapore web maintenance security rate, you can already have a professional and top-rated website security protection service for your WordPress website.

If you need us to manage your website from your request, do check out our website maintenance services package which will include this website security protection services as well. So, if you want to see what IT Solution can do for your website, contact us now so you can avail our services.

Website Security Protection Services

Website Security Protection Services

Additional Services

Basic DV SSL worth S$35 included when services are renewed

Linked to CloudFlare CDN:

Protected with DDoS mitigation

A seamless experience with Global Content Delivery Network



An updated domain nameserver, to allow us to manage your website's DNS record to change to CloudFlare. (Domain login is not needed unless you require us to update the nameserver for your website.)

Wordpress Login

SSL Certificate

Hosting server login to install SSL Certificate

Website Security Protection Services

Checklist for Securing Your WordPress

  • Check for SSL certificate for HTTPS
  • Enable Cloudflare protection
  • Enable daily backup for 30 days retention
  • Remove any insecure FTP credentials
  • Remove non-related files from the hosting server
  • Install DV SSL Certificate in hosting server
  • HTTPS Secure on all webpages including admin login
  • Fix the latest WordPress version
  • Fix .htaccess file with security
  • Fix robot.txt file with SEO security
  • Fix security permission on wp-config.php file
  • Fix the latest WordPress plugins and themes version
  • Removal of malicious software installed on the backend
  • Removal of “This site may be hacked” from Google Search
  • Test vulnerability for the website
  • Managed by IT Solution after removal of malware
  • Disable automatic updates for manually safe update
  • Enable user with strong and strict passwords
  • Enable user with 2-factor authentication (2FA) (Optional)
  • Enable brute force password attacks
  • Enable Login Protection & Rename Login Page URL
  • Enable 404 Detection
  • Enable IP Banning
  • Remove any “Admin” username
  • Disable WordPress comment
  • Replace brand new WordPress Folders and Files
  • Remove duplicate WordPress database connection
  • Replace default wp_ table prefix to unique for security
  • Disable WordPress theme editor
  • Fix online form and SMTP mail setting in WordPress
  • Enable link monitor and fix broken links to correct links
  • Fix “page not found” and redirect to the correct URL
  • Fix WordPress user sitemap
  • Fix SEO sitemap and link with search console
  • Fix Google Analytics tracking code in WordPress
  • Enable daily uptime monitoring
  • Enable daily security checks
  • Enable daily performance checks
  • Enable weekly report on Monday