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Google Workspace – The Must-Have Platform for Every Business in Singapore

Google provides many productivity tools that help businesses conduct their activities efficiently. The tech giant has been offering softwares for communication, collaboration, documentation, record-keeping, and storage.

Google Workspace is a suite- in simple words, the centralization of all the Google tools for businesses. A cloud-based solution, it aims to help companies flourish by making collaboration between team members simple and remote work straightforward.

All the tools of Google Workspace are comprehensive and have been created by some of the most creative and skilled developers in the world. Every single software is arguably the best of its kind, making Google Workspace undeniably the best cloud solution in the world.

When you integrate Google Workspace in your firm, your employees become more productive and efficient. They will have the time and resources to do more relevant work and think creatively without having to spend a lot of time on smaller things.

What Tools are Available in Google Workspace?

Most of the Google tools are available for free at the consumer level. However, when you subscribe to Google Workspace, you get additional features for corporations that are not available on the free versions of these tools.


Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Subscribe Annual Subscription Plans with IT Solution to enjoy the following benefits:

• Google Workspace billing management support (You receive one annual bill only!).
• Monthly monitoring and maintenance support (IT Solution ensures your Google Workspace connection is always secured and prevents email spoofing!).
• Free Q&A support regarding all Google Workspace features and technical problems.
• Direct contact support with IT Solution Pte Ltd
• Link domain to DNS setting and update Google Workspace into DNS setting
• Create user email account in Google Workspace
• Set up Google Workspace mailbox on user computer Microsoft Outlook via TeamViewer
• Enable DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) setting to validate outbound email
• Free diagnostic of Google Workspace in Microsoft Outlook or Web Browser via TeamViewer

Google Workspace Plans & Price

Business Starter (Managed)

S$100 Per User / Per Year

Business Standard (Managed)

S$200 Per User / Per Year

Business Plus (Managed)

S$300 Per User / Per Year

Enterprise Standard (Unmanaged)

S$440 (Flexible) or S$370 (Fixed) Per User / Per Year

Enterprise Plus (Unmanaged)

S$570 (Flexible) or S$480 (Fixed) Per User / Per Year

Our Google Workspace Services standard features include:

  • New hire adds, Employee exits
    (file transfer, deprovisioning, delegated access, etc.)
  • Password reset
  • Configuration management
  • Group creation and management
  • Email signature adjustments
  • Apps whitelists
  • Domain whitelist management
  • Designated escalation professional
  • Domain management
  • Organization structure management
  • Management of approved third party applications

3E Accounting Singapore

Engage 3E Accounting Company Incorporation Package to Enjoy FREE Google Workspace Email Setup Service

  • Get FREE Google Workspace email setup service when you engage in Company Incorporation Package of our affiliated partner’s, 3E Accounting.
  • FREE Google Workspace email setup with .com domain (single user) refer to not require to pay for Professional Set up fee: SGD$200 +
  • FREE DNS Hosting Pointing for Domain to Google Workspace (Worth S$100)


  • DNS Hosting Pointing is always free when you renew your domain name with us.
  • Does not include the Google Google Workspace Subscription Charges.

IT Solution Singapore- the Leading Google Workspace Service Provider in Singapore

As you can see, Google Workspace streamlines an enterprise’s operations in a very comprehensive way- the company claims that most businesses have discontinued using any other productivity tools after buying a Workspace subscription.

However, for smaller businesses with little to no technical knowledge, it can be difficult to install or use Google Workspace to its full potential. Furthermore, even if Google Workspace is a highly dependable tool, small problems can occur at times, which can be time-consuming and annoying.

IT Singapore is a leading IT company in Singapore that specializes in Google Workspace services. We will not only help you buy and install Google Workspace in your enterprise but also guide you on using different tools for growth. We offer maintenance services for Google Workspace as well- if you experience any issue with your Suite, you can call us, and we will look into the problem for you.

FAQs for Google Workspace

Google Workspace features additional business services that are not present in the free version. It supports custom business emails, unlimited drive, and Gmail storage, 24/7 phone and email support, and compatibility support with Microsoft and IBM platforms. Furthermore, it contains additional security features like two-step authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO).

How to Get a Custom Gmail Address?

You will need to sign up Gmail for Business which is Google Workspace account in order to have a custom Gmail Address using your ideal domain name else personal Gmail address will have

Is There Any Google Support or Help When I Having Issue With My Email?

Google Workspace provide support such as Google Workspace Admin Help online documentation and you can also contact them directly provided you have 8 digit pin number before giving a call to them for assistance. If you are under a Google Workspace Reseller in Singapore, you can contact them directly for further assistance and most of the time, you can get your issue resolved.

What is Google Workspace Reseller Benefits for Customer Like Me?

When you engage Google Workspace with a Google Workspace Reseller, the benefits is that you don’t need to pay monthly in USD dollar. Plus some Google Workspace Reseller like IT Solution Singapore provide monthly monitoring and maintenance support (IT Solution ensures your Google Workspace connection is always secured and prevents email spoofing!) and Free Q&A support regarding all Google Workspace features and technical problems.

What is the Best Email for Business?

The best business email app you can consider will be Gmail under the Google Workspace. One of the main reason is you will receive lesser spam mail and prevent email spoofing by the hacker if you set the setting correctly, you can use Google Workspace Toolbox to check. Gmail has been in the market since 2004 and over 1.2 billion users, using Gmail Business you enjoy ad-free version and an admin console to manage how you want to control the incoming and outgoing of your emails.

Is There Any Gmail Software Free Download That I Need to Install in My Computer?

No, there is no download application you need to download to use Gmail. Gmail is an online-based software call SaaS – Software as a service. Just access in your web browser to use it.

How to Enjoy Google Workspace Business Unlimited Storage?

You need to subscribe Google Workspace Enterprise plan to enjoy Unlimited space.

Can I Upgrade Google Workspace Business Starter to Business Standard in the Future?

Yes, you can upgrade from Google Workspace Business Starter plan to Business Standard anytime when you are ready. All users in your Starter plan will change to Standard plan once you decided to upgrade your Google Workspace. If you are not with a Google Workspace reseller, you can upgrade at your own by accessing the admin console, click on “Billing” > click on “Actions” to upgrade. You can also downgrade anytime, click on “Billing” > click on “Actions”, click on “Downgrade to Google Workspace Business Starter”.

Can I Have Multiple License of Google Workspace Business Starter Plan and Business Standard Plan in One Domain Name?

No, you can’t do that. You can only choose either one Google Workspace Plan to use in one domain name. If you need a particular user to have more than 30 GB mail storage from the Google Workspace Business Starter, it is possible. Just access your Gmail mailbox, click on “Gear icon” > click “Settings” > click tab “Accounts” > Scroll bottom to see the section called “Add additional storage” to upgrade your mail storage.

What is the Difference Between Google Workspace and G Suite?

Google Workspace is the newer version of G Suite. In G Suite, the idea was to use different tools for collaboration, while Google Workspace brings all those tools in one platform.

How to purchase Google Workspace in Singapore?

You can contact IT Solution Singapore team to get started. You will get a 14-day free trial. However, the trial is limited to 10 users. You must present your billing detail to get your account set up, but you will only be charged after the free trial is over. Furthermore, you can cancel anytime.

What are the different plans that Google Workspace offers?

Google Workspace offers three plans for companies with up to 300 users: Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus. For more than 300 users, you need to contact the sales team for the enterprise edition.

Can I migrate old email, calendar events, and contacts to Google Workspace?

Yes, you can migrate old information, including those from Microsoft and IBM platforms.

Can I Seperately Buy Individual Tools?

No, you can’t buy individual tools. However, getting Google Workspace isn’t expensive, so the budget is normally not an issue.

How do I set up Google Workspace?

IT Solution Singapore’s team is ready to help you setup Google Workspace. We provide Google Workspace email setup, billing management, and support services.

Is There Any Google Workspace Free Plan That I Can Try It Out First?

Yes, there is a free 14 days trial plan that you can try before subscribing with your credit cards. But you need to have your custom domain ready to setup the DNS setting if you want to have more control of your domain DNS management otherwise you can purchase your domain name directly from Google during your Google Workspace registration process.

Can I Use Google Workspace Free Business Email Without Domain Name?

No, you can’t. You need to have a custom domain name in order to test run how Google Workspace works for you.

Our experienced team of experts will help you to understand your needs, set up a strategy tailored just for you and deliver the greatest value.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace