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Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Singapore

Microsoft is a dominating brand in the IT world, and it even extends to customer relationship. Combining these two elements, you will get the best in ERP – through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This groundbreaking ERP solution lets companies integrate industry tools into the system with ease. If you have used Microsoft applications before, then you can familiarize yourself with Dynamics CRM. In fact, it has a user-friendly interface for companies to strengthen client relationships and pull new ones into your business. This is possible by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and simplifying management operations.

Flexibility is where Microsoft is at – each module can be adapted in such a way you want. This is essential especially in core departments like sales and marketing where competition is very tough. You have to be unique to stand out. Of course, Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you do just that.

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Versatile and adaptive system
  • Easy to understand, use, and implement, ideal for businesses offering products or catering services
  • Simplifies collaboration and communication among your team and your clients or customers
  • Scalable enough to adapt to your current needs, as well as your future endeavors
  • Enables you to manage customer interactions through an all-in-one platform


How Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Really Work?

Flexibility in Customization

  • Integrate Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Access built-in interface and modules via Microsoft Outlook or by connecting to the internet
  • Utilize Microsoft Outlook as your overall platform for storing customer data, messaging via email, and scheduling events on your calendar

Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses

  • Complete and innovative modules for core management areas like marketing and sales
  • Easy to customize and apply for your unique needs (only through a simple point and click)
  • Automation and centralization of workflow which could potentially reduce time intended for complex tasks

Adaptive to Technology

  • Copes well to the existing technology the company is applying at the moment
  • Huge potential for upgrades due to scalability
  • The Microsoft brand is very reputable and future-proof
  • Speedy and cost-effective support system
  • Enables businesses to rapidly connect to legacy systems and various data sources

Extended CRM Modules for Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing

With Extended CRM, companies can give their employees access to sales, marketing, and customer service modules. This promotes collaborative effort among the team in terms of formulating strategies to improve business marketability and growth. Along with these modules, there will also be a central network that functions as storage for customer information. Everyone who has permission can access these amenities via Microsoft Outlook and Office applications.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s “Extended CRM” functions are truly versatile. It can improve business productivity, streamline operations, derive new organizational tactics, and solidify trust among customers.

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