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CM or Change Management one of those key IT processes that can control your IT infrastructure lifecycle. The key goal of the process is to make sure that there is negligible or no disruption in an organization’s life cycle while changes are being made. Earlier, it was the responsibility of the support teams of an organization to be responsible for the IT change management process for managing changes and also delivering the IT services. Change Management Software is a Software As A Service (SaaS), a solutions that help you Automates, Creating, Approving, Implementing, and Closing RFCs.

Change Management Software in SingaporeBut the scenario has changed with the popularity of Cloud service. The way services are rendered in the Cloud can facilitate decommissioning, provisioning, and automation of the services. The next pertinent question that comes up is how the change management process is managed on the Cloud. Should you follow the traditional change management process for your IT process or do you need to do things differently?

There are many customers who are migrating to the Cloud due to its capability of fast scaling on the basis of changing business demand as well as to bring down issue such as IT overcapacity. While it will be wrong to say that cloud-based change management process is devoid of challenges, all such challenge can be successfully dealt with using the tools or process that is a part of the Change Management Software for Cloud.

Processes for Cloud-based Change Management

Processes for Cloud-based Change Management 

  • Change Management Software on the Cloud can track the process of management approval and configuration changes, which can then be adapted to decline or approve subscription changes or additional configuration.
  • Pre-approved standard change requests that are within cot limits, parameters, and pre-defined rules can be easily automated. Thus, customers are benefited from the elasticity and scalability of services offered by the Cloud in a pre-defined and controlled manner.
  • When pre-approved tasks related to change such as DNS update, auto-scaling are followed for the Cloud computing scenarios, a business can bring down the delay that is otherwise present in approval processes without compromising on any kind of flexibility in a change process.
  • Change Management Software solutions that can not only track but also record all the changes that were made in the Cloud. These may include the capability of generating reports for reviewing and tracking trends for other actions if needed.

Change Management Software Solutions on the CloudChange Management Software Solutions on the Cloud can be Used for the Following Activities

  • Facilitating superior application management by adding servers dynamically for auto-scaling groups.
  • Manage Operating System Images (AMI or ISO) for server.
  • To manage changes to the configuration of security groups or Operating System firewalls that is component of Operating System hardening baselines and to monitor their instances to minimize unauthorized changes or intrusions.



IT Solution’s IT Infrastructure Library® or ITIL® compliant Cloud-based Knowledge Base Software is easy to use and highly intuitive. The solution can be deployed very quickly and needs just an hour of training.

IT Solution’s painless, quick, and robust reporting can measure the productivity of your IT team very quickly leading to superior quality and falser decision-making for IT change management.

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