Experience Secure and Quick Data Migration to the AWS Cloud with Zero Downtime or Data Loss

Today’s corporate world is growing increasingly competitive and fierce. To stay a step ahead of the competition, factors like business continuity, unified team collaboration and real time decision making are crucial. This calls for proactively adopting new and emerging technologies. And this is why shifting to the cloud makes sense.

The AWS cloud technology is a cutting-edge and feature loaded business-productivity suite that can help your company foster growth by surpassing all limitations to success—such as time, geography and communication barriers. Migrating important and confidential business data over the cloud has never been this safe, easy and secure. Using Amazon’s data migration tools, you can easily move your data via roads, networks and share it with your technology partners.

Data Migration Suite—AWS Data Migration Tools and Security Features


Here are some of the most popular AWS data migration tools built in with excellent security features:

AWS Direct Connect

This tool offers a dedicated physical connection with no data transfer via the internet. It uses AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) tool, enabling you to control access to the AWS DC Management Console.

It also integrates with Amazon CloudTrail to capture API calls

AWS Import and Export Snowball

It uses AWS Identity and Access Management to control access to the Amazon Web Service Import and Export Snowball console. This data migration tool integrates with KMS (Key Management Service) which encrypts data at rest which is stored on AWS Import and Export Snowball. It also uses TPM (Trusted Platform Module) that features a dedicated processor which is designed to successfully detect unauthorized modifications in firmware, hardware and software.

AWS Storage Gateway

To secure excellent security during data migration, AWS Storage Gateway encrypts all data that is in transit to & from AWS by using SSL and TLS. However, data that is at rest is encrypted using AES-256. On the other hand, authentication between the iSCSI initiators and gateway are secured by using CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol).

AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration

AWS IAM provides security when it comes to controlling and limiting access to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). The data at rest is encrypted by performed Server Side Encryption using Amazon S3 Managed Keys while the data in transition is secured using TLS and SSL or client side encryption.

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