Definition of a Virtual Desktop and What it Does

Usually, people do their work on a computer, or sometimes, on their laptops, smartphones or other devices. Unfortunately, these gizmos are bound by physical constraints which could render them unusable in certain circumstances. For instance, your desktop can perform all the tasks you need to do. However, you obviously cannot bring an entire PC when you are in a different country, right? Sure, laptops can solve this issue due to their compactness, but these devices may not be able to keep overwhelmingly huge files. So how do you operate totally remotely and hassle-free? There is one method you can utilize – a Virtual Desktop.

Dissecting these terms – “virtual” and “desktop”, you can merely infer what it does. Simply put, a Virtual Desktop (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI) lets you access a computer, specifically your desktop, from another location. This is possible due to the groundbreaking cloud technology which allows the virtual hosting of a device on a different location. Cloud makes virtual desktop possible for centralization purposes. An instance of this would be operating your main network even when you’re outside the office.

There are plenty of benefits a virtual desktop could provide. For one, it spells out convenience and optimizes your productivity. Never miss a beat nor break the momentum while working. You can mobilize operations from any place with an internet connection, thanks to a virtual desktop service.

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Why Get a Virtual Desktop?


Obviously, you cannot bring your PC with you all the time. While you can use a laptop to monitor your operations, such a device has limited capacities in comparison to a PC. This could pose a problem when you are storing huge volumes of data. The best solution to solve these issues is to virtualize your desktop and work like you are in your establishment.

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You will never be at your office all the time, but your workload continuously piles up. This means there will be urgent tasks that could arrive at the most inconvenient hours. Not being able to address them accordingly may affect your credibility as a business. To eradicate all these hassles, you can utilize a virtual desktop to meet these demands without troubling yourself on how to access your office. You can also avoid delays especially if the tasks demand immediate completion.


Virtual desktops are very efficient in the sense that you can access single or multiple desktops from your own device. This means you can open various systems in one go instead of opening a multitude of devices. Essentially, virtual desktops offer dynamic synchronization from a central network, operated remotely for convenience and efficiency.

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Consolidation of Management Functions
With virtual desktops, you will truly feel that you are the boss of your organization. You can oversee core departments and streamline operations with a single device.

Operating System Type for Your Virtual Server

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The Crucial Functions of a Virtual Desktop Service:

Simplifying Communication
Complex tasks can be accomplished through proper collaboration and communication within employees. With a virtual desktop, your company can achieve such a feat by linking systems smoothly even if you are thousands of miles away from your team.

Strong Firewall
Not all virtual desktops have appropriate security measures. At IT Solution, we are very particular about IT Security. Thus, we ensure that your infrastructure has the protection it needs by incorporating a robust firewall into your system. Even if you are operating from a different place, your desktop will be untraceable and invulnerable to unauthorized intrusions.

Disable Clipboard Function
This feature lets you restrict any form of connection from your virtual desktop to the device you are using. For example, file transfers between two devices may lead to accidental malware transport. With the Disable Clipboard Function, you can prevent this from happening by simply deactivating such linking between two desktops.

Lower Latency
System latency or inactivity can cause delays in productivity. While this is unavoidable sometimes with PC-to-PC connections, the same does not apply much to virtual desktops. In fact, they have lower latencies which allow you to mobilize faster than a traditional infrastructure networking could.


If you are interested in Virtual Desktop Services, contact IT Solution today, our professional team will be able to assist you and guide you through.