Virtual Desktop Services in Singapore

Virtual Desktop Services in Singapore

What is Virtual Desktop?

As the name suggests, Virtual Desktop (also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, VDI) is a computer that operates in virtual. To be precise, Virtual Desktop’s operation relies on the internet and cloud. It is not a surreal concept but an advanced technology that enables desktop and its application to run in the centrally hosted virtual machines (be it in the centralized service or in the cloud space).

Virtual Desktop is considered as one part of Desktop Virtualisation with multiple benefits. For one, it provides streamlined management to an organisation. For another, users do not need to fork out more money that would otherwise be very expensive if they go for the traditional desktop.

Virtual desktop services in Singapore

What Does the Virtual Desktop Environments Looks Like?

The concept and idea of Virtual Desktop is not something difficult to understand. In a simpler word, a Virtual Desktop combines both remote desktop connections and virtualization. The Virtual servers will run on windows operation system (Windows as a Service), providing the access to Windows apps and data from any location and device.

Why Virtual Desktop Service?

Virtual Desktop - Mobility

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services allow users to connect to virtual desktop remotely – that means users will be able to access remote connections from their PC/laptop anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Desktop - Flexibility

Flexibility always comes in pairs with mobility. Users are able to have multiple computers without actually needing the computers to be physically there for them. In other words, the network of virtual desktops and the easy-access to all of them from remote locations, give users greater flexibility.

Virtual Desktop - Productivity

It is a proven fact that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services have bridged the traditional desktop management with mobility-centric use cases. Imagine this: you are sitting in front of your PC with a remote-access to all the apps, files, and network resources. The easy and synchronised access will certainly improve remote worker’s efficiency!

Virtual Desktop - Streamlined Management

Streamlined management
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services create the platform that put everyone on the same page. The consolidation of all application and centrally management create a streamlined management in an organisation, which will, in turn, increase efficiency.

Operating System Type for Your Virtual Server

Windows Type

The Key Features of Virtual Desktop Service:

Management Portal
More than one user can access the virtual desktop at the same time and that bridges the communication gap and increase efficiency.

Increased Security
A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure service is always protected by a strong firewall and with restricted IP address to access to Virtual Desktop – a safety feature that allows fewer/lesser entry points (for an attacker) that might lead to unauthorised access.

Better Performance
Disable clipboard function (disable the function to copy file from Virtual Desktop to your PC to prevent any transfer of viruses from virtual desktop to PC. However, you can copy files from your PC to virtual desktop).

Lower Latency
Latency always manifests as a delay. At low latencies, data should transfer almost instantaneously.


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