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Despite having a variety of options for storing data like hard drives, external drives, pen drives and memory cards, crucial and confidential business data storage has always been a concern for enterprises across industries. The fear of business data being sneaked out, hacked, stolen or destroyed have been on top of the minds of entrepreneurs since forever, until now.

Many organisations are now moving to the cloud and adopting this amazing technology to ensure that their business data is safe and secure from all kinds of dangers. Cloud backup, also known as online backup, enables entrepreneurs to backup their data like valuable business documents, files, videos, audio files and pictures on cloud-based servers.

Cloud computing is the latest in technology that enables businesses to operate in a secure environment and experience unprecedented business success. In cloud storage, businesses can enjoy enterprise-level security while saving big on cost. Also, there is no single-point of failure. This is because the data is backed-up to several servers. So even if one server fails or crashes, the data stored is safe and can be retrieved from a different server.

Not only does cloud computing enable businesses to save and store their organisation-sensitive data safely, it also enables them to foster growth by surpassing all limitations to communication, time and geography.

Top-notch IT Products for Cloud & Storage

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the latest, cutting-edge and user-friendly cloud computing platform. This platform has been launched by Amazon. The AWS cloud-computing platform offers businesses a suite of cloud-computing services comprising of more than seventy services.

The most sought after services among entrepreneurs are: computing services, IoT tools, data migration tools, network connectivity option, storage options, and developer tools.

By using the Amazon Web Services, you can easily transfer and store data—lift and shift data to the cloud. Additionally, you can also scale up the cloud computing capacity when needed. With AWS, you can compete, grow, lead and scale both cost-effectively and with utmost flexibility. It helps you redefine your business IT infrastructure for success.

Amazon Storage Services enables you to store your important business documents and files in the cloud, and have reliable and well-managed databases up & running in minutes. These databases can be accessed from multiple locations only by those whom you authorise.

Network Attached Storage

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS or Network-Attached Storage is another type of cloud storage device that is becoming rapidly popular among business owners. This storage device can easily be connected to your business network. Once integrated to your IT landscape, your employees and heterogeneous clients can easily store and retrieve data from it through a centralised location.

Some of the many factors that have made this storage option a top choice are that it is a private cloud-storage system which is installed within your business premises. Besides this, it is faster and cost-effective.

With this storage system installed in your business turf, you can deliver excellent services to your clients, retrieve and access business data whenever needed and make decisions in real-time without any delay.

Server Hard Disk

Server Hard Disk

Saving data only on desktop systems is quite risky as you might end up losing all your business data stored on your desktop due to power outage, or viral infection. Failure to have backups can make data retrieval difficult leading to business discontinuity. And you know what that translates into? Loss of sales and business opportunities to your competition!

To keep your data safe and secure, investment in servers can be a good option. This storage option helps users save, manage and access data files. It protects your data and makes data retrieval much easier. There are several server hard disk drives that are configured into the server unlike a desktop that has only one/single hard drive. And because of the several server hard disk drives, users are able to retrieve data easily even in case of power failure or technical issue.

By integrating IT products for cloud & storage, entrepreneurs and authorised users can access business data from anywhere at any time from any device without any limitation. This helps in delivering excellent customer support services and making real-time decisions without any delay. These factors truly act as success drivers for businesses, taking them to newer heights.

So, if you still haven’t adopted cloud technology, then it’s time that you should! Take your business to the cloud and experience success like never before. Do business in a safe environment from anywhere without any worries. Spear through competition and get ready to secure a business edge that you’ve always wanted.

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