What is a Document Signing Certificate?

Document signing certificates are digital certificates that verify the legitimacy of documents and the authenticity of its author. The major objective of this certificate is to prevent any alteration and tampering in your document. Furthermore, we can use document signing certificates in major document editing platforms like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and Adobe Documents. Moreover, users who receive your documents can verify that it has come from a trusted source and is free from tampering and alteration.

Why is a Document Signing Certificate Important?

Millions of important documents are transferred every day in modern online space. Individuals and organizations send and receive transaction bills, contracts, financial statements, company profiles, and reports. Alteration and tampering with these kinds of documents can prove catastrophic for organizations. Thus, paperless digital transactions have increased the importance of document signing certificates massively.

How to Obtain a Document Signing Certificate?

You can apply for a document signing certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA).

IT Solutions provides state of the art digital document signing services from the top authorities in the world. The table below provides a summary of the services that we offer:

DigiCert Document Signing

DigiCert Document Signing Certificate

DigiCert is a globally recognized brand when it comes to secure online document signing. They provide digital certificates for companies such as IBM, HP, Facebook, Sony, and Microsoft. Furthermore, these certificates comply with the US Federal ESIGN Act and other assorted international laws, making your documents legally binding. Moreover, their customer service is top-notch with a satisfaction guarantee.


Organization 2000Organization 5000
1-year price$ 973 SGD$1504 SGD
2-year price (per year)$1727 SGD$2685 SGD
3-year price (per year)$2344 SGD$3609 SGD

Number of documents signed per year



Encrypted digital signature

Two-factor authentication using a hardware token

Individual Verification

Whole Organization Verification

Supported Platforms
Adobe PDF

Microsoft Office



Sectigo Document Signing Certificate

Sectigo Document Signing Certificate

Sectigo is also one of the biggest players in the secure online document signing industry. They support most of the PDF file formats and their document signing certificates can be used in any platform that trusts the Sectigo root certificate. The certificates can be ordered for any email address. Their two types of certificates include:

  • Certificate in the name of an individual: The certificate displays the name and email of the signer.
  • Certificate in the name of an organization: The certificate displays the organization, department, or group signature.


Document Signing Unlimited

1-year price

$502 SGD

2-year price (per year)

$878 SGD

3-year price (per year)

$1255 SGD

Number of documents signed per year


iKey USB Token

Adobe Approved Trust List member

FIPS Validated Software, provided by
Sectigo upon purchase

GlobalSign Document Signing Certificates

GlobalSign Document Signing Certificates

GlobalSign is one of the most reputed digital document signing solutions with an operational history of more than a decade.  As a member of Adobe’s Approve Trust List (AATL) and Microsoft Root Trust List, their certificates are trusted by all the major platforms. They support a wide number of world-renowned brands spanning across multiple industries such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Ford, and  Netflix.

AATL Signing Certificate Unlimited

1-year price

$806 SGD

2-year price (per year)

$1445 SGD

3-year price (per year)

$2016 SGD

Trusted timestamping included

Sign an unlimited number of documents

Sign with an individual or organization identity

Certificate stored on FIPS-compliant hardware token

Signatures are automatically trusted by Adobe, Microsoft, Bluebeam, and more

Why Choose IT Solution?

IT Solutions offers a wide range of options in a secure online document signing space from these providers. We make your job of obtaining these certificates quick and hassle-free. We promise that our digital document signing solutions will secure all the documents that go in and out of your business.

We are one of the most cost-effective digital document signing services in Singapore. This means you do not have to break the bank to get a reliable and secure online document signing.

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