Fully Managed IT Services in Singapore

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We all know and agree that IT Services is one of the important prerequisites for doing business today; it is also a business differentiator. A Fully Managed IT service could help you to run your business more effectively because it enables you to get a faster problem resolution, greater expertise, and save the cost.



Fully Managed IT Services in Singapore

What does Fully Managed IT Services mean?

The most common reason business owners or individuals may go for a Fully Managed Service is because they do not have enough knowledge and experience to manage or maintain their businesses’ IT environment and system. Fully Managed Service, as the name suggests, incorporates all the essential categories in IT managementIT maintenance that is often missed by in-house IT team, which sometimes includes server patchingantivirus updates, as well as the review, verification and testing of backup server on a regular basis.

Under the arrangement of Fully Managed Service, clients will have the privilege to enjoy the true 24/7/365 support and monitoring, including unlimited incidents and service requests. In simpler terms, Fully Managed Service is designed for those who cannot afford the error of downtime where a system of preventative maintenance tasks will be scheduled to flag up technical glitches before they negatively impact your business. On top of that, the service provider manages the IT environment, so the user/client does not have to worry about the technical issues and errors.

What is Fully Managed IT Service?

Nowadays there are more and more companies require round-the-clock IT support so that they can keep up with the fast-changing marketplace. The Fully Managed Service, with the strong team of IT experts, offer the all-inclusive assistance on a truly 24/7 basis.
Unlike traditional on-site IT service from the in-house IT team (which generally offer a 9-5 service), the Fully Managed Service offers an unlimited, all-inclusive, fixed price service for the support, maintenance and management of your IT. In addition, the Fully Managed Service enables customers to outsource the activities required to monitor, repair, and maintain their IT infrastructure easily and sometimes, immediately.

Why Does Your Business Need Fully Managed IT Service?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, business owners nowadays are always looking for more efficient ways to run their everyday business activities, which also include their businesses’ IT system, be it through the use of cloud computing and storage solutions, or by outsourcing, or by hiring remote employees; leveraging these solutions are making everyday operations easier to manage and maintain.

Having said that, many business owners find it challenging to take full control, especially during the downtime, when they do not have enough skilled IT specialists to help them to troubleshoot software glitches, or the worse scenario-security breaches. This is why many businesses are turning their head to managed services.

A managed IT company will help to not only develop necessary IT solution to suit the business needs, but also monitor the IT environment and other computer data. What’s more, most Fully Managed IT Service providers are compliant and up-to-date on privacy legislation, meaning your company data is secure. That means rather than outsourcing your IT tasks completely to an outside team or hiring a larger in-house team, you can now co-sourcing your IT management, offloading the tasks to your Fully Managed IT service provider. Fully Managed IT service providers are not out to eradicate your in-house IT teams, but they are there to support them.

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