LiveCall for Business: Call Customer Service Directly for Free

LiveCall for BusinessAre there many visitors that visit your website everyday? However, why is the conversion of potential buyers to actual buyers lower than expected? There are a few factors that contribute to this failure to convert, perhaps they were distracted or they couldn’t find sufficient information to their questions.

Worry not, we have the solution! LiveCall is a service that engages these visitors and offers them a free callback with your sales consultants. These leads can seamlessly speak to your sales team via a phone call within a min of 25 seconds, or at a later scheduled time. You’re already investing time and money to increase your web traffic, why not get a better ROI for your efforts. Your efforts have brought potential customers to your doorstep, and LiveCall will get them over through the door.


Advantages of LiveCall for Business

LiveCall uses WebRTC so there is no need for any downloads, logins or plugins to start a call. Calls are then routed directly into your call centre or any landline or mobile phone like a normal PSTN call. You offer your customers the ability to call you from within the website itself by embedding web calling into your website. This helps to enhance customer experience and allow you to provide superior customer service which will then lead to a higher conversion of leads and generate more sales.

LiveCall also helps you save costs, because no matter what device your customers are using, they can contact you free of charge from anywhere in the world. This significantly reduces their monthly phone costs. This will lead to greater satisfaction. 84% of consumers prefer a customer service channel that has a live customer service agent service.


Personalizing Team Communication

LiveCall for Business It is proven that live agents get results as consumers are most satisfied when speaking with a live agent through the phone or via live chat. This will also provide a better web experience for your customers.

LiveCall is the fastest and easiest way to get more qualified sales calls and drive conversion. Its service enables web calling from within a website, using a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Through LiveCall interactions, it will help you know your web users in advance. With this contextual information, it will help you anticipate their questions and improve your responses to offer a fully personalised service. This will help you guide them in the right direction and discover new opportunities when talking to your customers, resulting in increased conversion rates and sales. Contact us at IT Solution to know more.