Create a Private and Dedicated Network from Your Business Premises to AWS with AWS Direct Connect

The AWS Network Connectivity option enables customers to provision an isolated and a private section of the AWS cloud where customers can launch their AWS resources in a secure virtual network using customer specified IP address ranges. To enjoy this network connectivity, AWS Direct Connect is used. AWS Direct Connect makes it super easy for users to create a dedicated and private network connection from the user’s premises to Amazon Web Services.

It enables users to create a secure network between AWS and the user’s data centre, colocation environment or office. This is great as it helps the user in many ways.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits that the user enjoys after creating such a network connection:

  • It helps lower network cost
  • Offers a stable and a consistent network experience
  • Spares the user from troublesome internet connection
  • Offers excellent bandwidth throughout
  • Additionally, the network connection is secure and can be easily partitioned into several virtual interfaces, allowing users to use the same network connection to access resources like objects stored in AWS S3, using your public Internet Protocol address pace and even your private resources like Amazon EC2 instances running with Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).
  • It also allows you to maintain network separation between private and public environments
  • Furthermore, virtual interfaces can easily be reconfigured according to your ongoing and changing organisational needs and requirements, that too, at any time.
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With AWS Direct Connect network connection, you can reduce your bandwidth cost significantly. As the data is transferred to and from Amazon Web Services, it helps you significantly lower your bandwidth commitment to the ISP. And all data that is transferred over the AWS dedicated network connection is charged at a very small rate which is far less than the internet data transfer rates.

Another highlight of this service is that you get to enjoy consistent network performance. With AWS DC, you don’t have to worry about the changing internet speed from point A to point B. And more importantly, this dedicated connection is compatible with all Amazon Web Services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC.


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