Enhance Your Network Infrastructure with Structured Cabling


Technological innovations surely made business operations simpler and more efficient. These advancements are not only attributed to internal programs or software. In fact, hardware and network infrastructure play a major part in improving operational activities as well. For instance, structured cabling could effectively speed up system connections more than a regular cable would.

Here are some of the benefits you can get with structured copper cabling:

  • Handling Internet of things (IoT) more efficiently
  • Having low voltage applications which can save power and cost
  • Boost WiFi and PoE performance

Any IT expert would agree that network infrastructure is a fundamental asset in your business. However, investing in future-proof cabling can be costly and time-consuming. You need a service provider that could provide practical solutions to ensure that your cabling lasts longer and functions perfectly well.

IT SOLUTION offers structured cabling solutions that can power up your business’ potential. It runs via a centralized management network which enables you to perform overall functions in a single, all-encompassing system. Do wireless backhauling while tweaking your lighting systems. Manage who can access and control your storage while figuring out which sensory system works best. The possibilities are virtually endless with this multi-faceted cabling solution!

Simply consult us for your infrastructure requirements and needs. We can extensively map out the pathways which your structured copper cabling will go through. In addition, we can assist you in terms of installation, incorporation, maintenance, and repair for a very reasonable cost.

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IT SOLUTION Structured Cabling – Welcoming Technology with Innovation

Technology and innovation go hand in hand – and at IT SOLUTION, we provide a quick and easy infrastructure solution to handle your IT needs. All you need to do is entrust us the technical stuff and focus on growing your business further.

Structured Cabling is the future of IT infrastructure. Implementing such advancement into your company could enhance your overall system’s functions and performance. This leads to work efficiency and operational progress. Our solutions guarantee top-grade quality, as we aim to net customer satisfaction. Our Structured Cabling solutions include:

  • Wide-ranging cabling solutions for all types of infrastructures such as Wireless Networks, Fiber Optic, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, and CAT7.
  • Cables and patch panels with enclosures from high-end materials
  • High-density MTP/MPO fiber and connection cables
  • Central administrative system available around the globe.
  • Round the clock upkeep, upgrades, and assistance from BICSI-certified designers and technicians.

We comply with industry regulations and standards relative to planning, design, installation, and maintenance of structured cabling and wiring. Our versatility in cabling and wiring installation extends to fiber optic cables, telephone cabling, Cat5e UTP cabling, Cat6, electric cables, underground cabling, multi-core cables, and CCTV and BNC cabling. You can always call us if you have other cabling needs that are not part of this list.

Singapore is one of the top nations when it comes to technology. Partnering with us means you’re getting the best out of each innovation that technology has to offer. Contact us for more information about structured cabling planning and installation.