What is Workstation?

A workstation is a computer type that is primarily used for CAM/CAD engineering applications, software development, desktop publishing, and data/compute intensive-applications. Those things require computing power in a large amount coupled with relatively higher graphics capabilities.

In general, a workstation usually comes with a large graphics screen with high resolution, built-in network support, and Graphical User Interface (GUI). It also features a RAM of at least 64 megabytes. Some of the workstations you can find in the market have a built-in mass storage device like a disk drive.

Windows NT and UNIX are the two most common and popular OS (Operating Systems) that are used in workstations.

As mentioned above, a workstation has high computing power. Its computing power lies somewhere between a minicomputer and a personal computer. To put it simply, a high-end PC is equal to a low-end workstation, and a high-end workstation is equal to a minicomputer.

It is important to remember that just like PCs, most of the workstations are computers for single users. But, they can be linked and connected together to successfully create a LAN (Local Area Network).

Some of the most sought after and popular workstation brands are HP and Lenovo. Both brands offer different models. Browse through our wide range of workstations to see what’s available in the market and what workstation would best suit your organization’s productivity and computing needs. HP is a workstation brand that offers both mobile and desktop workstations.

Benefits of Investing in Workstations for Businesses

Intelligent Performance

It Offers Intelligent Performance

In comparison to a personal computer, a workstation has the ability to provide not just the performance of a common desktop computer, but also offer intelligent performance. Thereby, it is best suited for several applications like CAD (Computer-Aided-Design), video editing, and number crunching.

Professionals like designers, financial analysts, programmers, and engineers can easily perform and run demanding apps. Tasks like digital work, financial analysis, rendering complex graphics, and perform analytical computations can be effortlessly executed in a workstation.

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Handle Heavy Workloads

It Can Handle Heavy Workloads

By investing in and installing workstations in your organizational landscape, you can easily handle heavy workloads and deliver more output in less time. Employees can easily handle a large volume of work using workstations without experiencing any downtime or system slowdown. These include a fast rendering of computer graphics, providing excellent support for technical and massive jobs and memory space for large tasks.

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity

Enjoy Improved Productivity

It is a fact that workstation offers users the ability to run and perform demanding tasks in a snap. It also enables organizations to boost their workplace performance and enjoy improved productivity. Employees who use workstations tend to become more productive, thus it leads to increased job satisfaction.

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