Linux Server — What Is It?

Linux Server is best known as the highly powerful variant from the Linux open-source OS. This server is exclusively designed to handle and manage demanding business application needs like system and network administration, web services and database management.
Linux servers have truly become popular among business owners and users alike for all the right reasons. Users simply prefer Linux servers for reasons like their unmatched flexibility, stability and security. Some of the leading operating systems by Linux Servers are :

  • ClearOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Red-Hat-Enterprise

Linux Servers Popular Among Small Businesses

Linux Server


ClearOS bundles several rich features supported by a well organised and sophisticated browser based admin interface. And that is not an overstatement. With ClearOS, users get to enjoy features like Web, messaging, file servers, internet gateway, user and resource management, databases, networking, VPN, network-charting and more.


Linux Server edition Ubuntu is a top choice among SMES as it offers excellent support for configurations. Additionally, it also simplifies Linux deployment processes and standard web services can also be integrated like file serving, DNS, email, web and even database management


RHE Linux offers rock solid dependability, superior management & configuration utilities which is why it is one of the most preferred and sought after Linux Server OS among start-ups and small businesses alike. RHE also has strong virtualization and database capabilities. Plus, it also offers cloud-storage products.

Reason to Choose Web Hosting on a Linux Server

Linux Server

Wondering why you should choose web hosting on a Linux server? Then take a look :

  1. Since it is an open-source OS, it is free to use. Most of the companies choose to host sites on Linux Server because it helps them to curtail cost and makes it much easier for customers to afford.
  2. It provides a flexible web hosting environment supported by several high-performance apps.
  3. Its easy setup and networking friendliness are truly two factors worthy of mentioning. It’s fast and has user friendly installation. You don’t need to be tech savvy or an IT professional to work around it.
  4. Linux is more reliable and its OS is quite stable.

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