Understand SSL Certificates In Details and Choose Top 10 SSL Certificates Cheap Price in Singapore

It’s already common knowledge that hackers have mastered the ability to take down your website. They can steal your identity, and made online shoppers distrustful of websites they haven’t visited.

To prevent this, Google utilizes Search Engine Optimization practices to gauge which websites are safe for browsing. The higher a website’s SEO score is, the higher the ranking it gets on Google’s search engine.

In line with Google standards, SSL Certificates eliminate threats and build trust with your customers. As a result, having an SSL Certificate affects your SEO score positively.

We give you the tools to protect yourself, your website, and earn the business of cautious online shoppers.

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Prevent hackers from stealing data today, while improving your SEO strategy! SSL stops hackers from tapping into your site to get sensitive information and protecting visitors’ personal data from misuse. Gain visitors’ trust by displaying security padlock on your website! We offer the biggest brands in SSL with a range of choices that fit any website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Keen to find out how to effectively protect your website? There’s so much to know about SSL Certificates, but does SSL mean anyway?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is a security protocol that helps secure online communications between any two computers. It safeguards the data passing from one computer to another over the network by encrypting it.

Obviously, security is the main reason you need to get SSL Certificate, especially if you have a growing website. So, how does an SSL Certificate add that layer of protection to ensure your website is safe?

SSL certificate establishes a secure connection between a browser and a server with the help of the HTTPS protocol. Thus, when we open a website with an SSL certificate, we can see an ‘https’ along with a padlock icon on most of the websites. Take note that the HTTPS protocol is vastly different from HTTP. An upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS entails that the site is safe, and you can enter your personal data there if you need to.

In a computer network, there doesn’t exist a straight path between a user’s computer and the server. The data that a user enters on the browser has to pass through several computers on its way to reach the receiver. During that time, if we don’t encrypt the data, then crackers (illegal hackers) can easily steal the information. Well, an SSL certificate avoids that. For instance, it prevents the risks of Domain Validation, among other things.

Single Domain SSL Certificate - Domain Validation DV

Domain Validation DV SSL

Domain Validation DV SSL Certificate only requires email verification which the SSL is issued in minutes.

Single Domain SSL Certificate - Organization Validation OV

Organization Validation OV SSL

Organization Validation OV SSL Certificate requires your organisation information verification on top of domain validation which the SSL Certificate will be issued in days.

Single Domain SSL Certificate - Extended Validation EV

Extended Validation EV SSL

Extended Validation EV SSL Certificate requires more verification on top of the organization validation which the SSL Certificate will be issued in days.

Here is the List of SSL Certificates Pricing

SSL Certificate ProductsValidationWarranty by SSL VendorsSite SealPriceCompareAdd to Cart
SectigoSSL DVDomainUSD250,000Dynamic$139.00Add to Cart
SectigoSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD250,000Dynamic$319.00Add to Cart
SectigoSSL UCC Multi-Domain DVDomainUSD250,000Static$249.00Add to Cart
SectigoSSL EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$309.00Add to Cart
SectigoSSL Multi-Domain EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$679.00Add to Cart
InstantSSL OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD50,000Dynamic$139.00Add to Cart
InstantSSL Pro OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD100,000Dynamic$159.00Add to Cart
PremiumSSL OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD250,000Dynamic$169.00Add to Cart
PremiumSSL Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD250,000Dynamic$599.00Add to Cart
InstantSSL UCC Multi-Domain OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD250,000Static$379.00Add to Cart
PositiveSSL DVDomainUSD10,000Static$35.00Add to Cart
PositiveSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000Static$189.00Add to Cart
PositiveSSL UCC Multi-Domain DVDomainUSD10,000Static$99.00Add to Cart
PositiveSSL EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,000,000Static$229.00Add to Cart
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,000,000Static$539.00Add to Cart
EnterpriseSSL Secure Site OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,500,000Static$509.00Add to Cart
EnterpriseSSL Secure Site Pro OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,500,000Static$1,199.00Add to Cart
EnterpriseSSL Secure Site Pro Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,500,000Static$2,399.00Add to Cart
EnterpriseSSL Pro EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD2,000,000Static$1,519.00Add to Cart
EnterpriseSSL Pro Multi-Domain EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD2,000,000Static$3,529.00Add to Cart
DigiCert OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,000,000Dynamic$489.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Multi-Domain OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,000,000Dynamic$1,139.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,000,000Dynamic$1,539.00Add to Cart
DigiCert EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,000,000Dynamic$729.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Multi-Domain EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,000,000Dynamic$1,439.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$819.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site Pro OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD2,000,000Dynamic$2,029.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$3,879.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$1,879.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD2,000,000Dynamic$2,909.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site Multi-Domain OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$2,049.00Add to Cart
DigiCert Secure Site Multi-Domain EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,750,000Dynamic$5,269.00Add to Cart
RapidSSL DVDomainUSD10,000Static$49.00Add to Cart
RapidSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000Static$229.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL DVDomainUSD100,000Static$259.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium DVDomainUSD500,000Dynamic$209.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard DVDomainUSD500,000Dynamic$1,059.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust True BusinessID OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$459.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$1,539.00Add to Cart
GeoTrust True BusinessID EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,500,000Dynamic$729.00Add to Cart
GlobalSign DomainSSL DVDomainUSD10,000Dynamic$349.00Add to Cart
GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000Dynamic$1,189.00Add to Cart
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$489.00Add to Cart
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$1,329.00Add to Cart
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,500,000Dynamic$1,259.00Add to Cart
Thawte SSL123 DVDomainUSD500,000Dynamic$259.00Add to Cart
Thawte SSL123 Wildcard DVDomainUSD500,000Dynamic$1,259.00Add to Cart
Thawte Web Server OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$489.00Add to Cart
Thawte Web Server Wildcard OVDomain + Basic BusinessUSD1,250,000Dynamic$1,539.00Add to Cart
Thawte Web Server EVDomain + Full BusinessUSD1,500,000Dynamic$729.00Add to Cart
AlphaSSL DVDomainUSD10,000Dynamic$89.00Add to Cart
AlphaSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000Dynamic$259.00Add to Cart

Note: The SSL certificate price display above is for 1-year validation.

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Understanding the SSL Meaning

SSL meaning stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. This connection ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Google has a secure indicator that lets users know if the site they are browsing is safe or not. When you have clicked on an HTTP site, you will notice that your screen will flash a warning sign. This indicates that you are being prompted to exercise caution when clicking that site.

Comparatively, Google acknowledges that HTTPS websites are safer to browse. So when you are thinking about having HTTPS (Secure) over HTTP (Non-Secure), you will need an SSL Certificate.

To allow you to be able to create an SSL connection on a web server, you will require an SSL Certificate. Check out our HTTPS migration checklist for more details.

Check SSL Certificate with SSL Checker

Purchasing an SSL Certificate to ensure you have a secure WordPress website is just the first step in securing your website. Now, you may want the guarantee that it works, right?

Click the following to check your SSL Certificate Installation by validating yourself if the SSL Certificate is fully installed correctly. You can choose any brand SSL checker to check your SSL installation. We will recommend you to use the DigiCert SSL Checker for any brand of SSL that you purchased.

If you’re happy about the brand you’ve chosen, you can simply renew your SSL Certificate when it’s about to expire. Contact us to find out how.

Self-Service SSL Certificate Reissuance

Base on our experience of selling SSL Certificate for the past 5 years, some SSL certificate brands require all existing SSL certificate details must remain the same (including fully qualified domain name). While other brands through us will allow you to reissuance of SSL certificate to another domain name.

If you have the intention of changing domain name for an existing SSL certificate, do let IT Solution know and we can advise which are the best SSL brands for you to consider but till then, rules from SSL brands may change from time to time. Worse case is you will need to purchase a new SSL certificate if the existing SSL certificate does not allow you to reissue for another domain name SSL certificate.

Self-Service SSL Order Status Checker

To check if your SSL certificate is in process, this self-service SSL order status checker allow you to see if your SSL is in which stage before issuing the SSL certificate.

What is Data Encryption?

Let us clear this first before moving on to the latter part of this article. Data encryption means converting data into codes. On the other hand, data decryption means converting the code back to data.

For example, a computer can encrypt some data ‘Apple’ to ‘cxo1432423o’.

Protection your Website with Data Encryption.

What is SSL Encryption?

SSL encryption is simply the data encryption done by an SSL certificate. In an SSL system, when a user enters data on the browser, it is instantly encrypted. Thus, the code travels through the network, meaning that even if a hacker tries to intersect the information, they will only get the code. The decryption happens on the server-side. Certificate service providers have unique methods to encrypt SSL. The choosing of Certificate Authority is totally up to you. However, we at IT Solution have a selection of brands for your preference.

You can find out which SSL Certificate applies to your website. We deeply understand that you would only go for a reputable SSL Certification brand. That’s why we only partner with the best Certificate Authorities.

What is Authentication?

There are many types of SSL Certificates. Therefore, an SSL Authentication is necessary to determine if the brand you’ve chosen is verifiable. Also, only genuine websites who have verified their identity can get an SSL certificate, meaning that an authentication also helps with the user trust.

This is how it works: the browser first sends a request to the website server. Then, the server sends the SSL certificate, and the browser checks if it is valid. If it is, then the browser initiates the connection. Unfortunately, as of 2015, you cannot use internal server names for SSL Certificate.

If the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate or if the certificate is not valid or expired, the browser sends a warning message back to the user.

We only select the most respectable Certificate Authorities in the world. For instance, we have partnered with DigiCert for its huge potential following its acquisition of Symantec. We also have GeoTrust and Sectigo Certificates should you prefer more affordable options. Check them all out to determine which one works for you.

What is Certificate Authority?

A Certificate Authority is simply an entity that provides you with SSL certification. They, first review your site identity to make sure that it is genuine and they issue you a digital certificate. Some world-renowned Certificate Authorities include DigiCert, Sectigo, Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, etc.

What is Symmetric Session Key?

You see, when using a private and a public key, the browser can send information, but it can’t decrypt anything. A symmetric session key is a special type of key which lets both- the browser, and server the capabilities to encrypt and decrypt information. Well, there are two types of SSL connections; asymmetric (one-way) and symmetric (two-way) SSL connections.

What is Public Key (Lock)?

A public key is a program that encrypts the information. When a browser tries to access a site with an SSL Certificate, the sites send the Public Key along with the certificate information. The browser can then encrypt the data and send it to the server.

What is Private Key (Unlock)?

The private key is the key that the site owner or the server has. Only the site has the private key, and it is used to decrypt the code. As only the site owner has the private key needed to decrypt the data, the data becomes safe.

Which SSL Certificate is Best for Your Website?

You see, there are various types of SSL certificates, for example, one that only provides domain validation, while another provides the validation of the domain, and the organization at the same time. There are other credentials, too.

These are the SSL certificates available in the market.

Domain Validation SSL (Secure Just One Website)

You can get the Domain Validated SSL if you only own one domain. It safeguards one website and getting it is also easy and fast as the Certificate Authority only needs to verify if you own the domain you are applying the SSL for. Of course, it is the cheapest one.

Multi-Domain SSL (Secure Multiple Website)

If in case you own more than one website, instead of issuing separate SSL certificates for all of them, you can buy a Multi-Domain SSL, which you can install at multiple websites at the same time. The price depends on the number of domains you want the Multi-Domain SSL to cover, and they mostly can work for one to 100 websites.

Organization Validation SSL (Reliable Security with Organization Validation)

In all the previous SSL certificates, everything the Certificate Authority did was check if the applicant was the owner of the domain. An Organization Validated SSL also ensures that the company that owns the domain is legitimate. For this, you should register your company and the verification may need two or three days.

Extended Validation SSL (Increase Visitors’ Confidence & Boost Conversions)

If you want your company name to appear in front of the https, you will need an Extended Validation SSL. This is solely to increase trust and creditability.

Mostly established sites need the Extended Validation SSL. For example,
Say Paypal. When you open their site in most of the browsers, there is the name ‘Paypal’ before the web address for an extra level of identity. This will help users understand that it is the real Paypal and not a con.

Wildcard SSL (Secure One Website & All Sub-Domains)

You need a Wildcard SSL if you own a website and have multiple sub-domains. For example, a website www.oursite.com may have subdomain mail.oursite.com or health.oursite.com. They are easy to manage and once again, price depends on the number of subdomains.

Top 10 SSL Certificates Brand Providers in Singapore

DigiCert SSL Certificates

DigiCert SSL Certificates

Provide SSL Certificates and SSL management tools for over a decade.

✓ Solely focused on SSL innovation
✓ Full line of SSL Certificates, tools, and platforms for optimal certificate management
✓ Browsers Compatibility
✓ Solid vetting to ensure strong Authentication

Learn More About DigiCert SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL Certificates

The ideal solution for enterprises and large organizations.

✓ Best protection available
✓ More customers trust Symantec
✓ Features malware scan and Norton secured seal
✓ Options like SGC and EV increase security and sales

Learn More About Symantec SSL Certificates

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

High margin, low cost certificates for organizations of all sizes.

✓ #1 brand among top 1 million sites
✓ Low cost with great security
✓ Available trust features skyrocket website sales
✓ Easy to use with free service and support

Learn More About GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Sectigo SSL Certificates

Sectigo SSL Certificates

Recognized by users globally with mobile device compatibility.

✓ Low price with maximum security
✓ Enhanced security features
✓ Free service and support from SSL experts
✓ Get started faster with instant SSL options

Learn More About Sectigo SSL Certificates

Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawte is a world-class company with a uniquely international view of the business world, one that reflects a truly global perspective. Founded in South Africa, Thawte was the first certificate authority to issue SSL certificates to public entities outside the United States, and began quickly accounting for approximately 40% of the global SSL Market. To date, the company has issued more than 945,000 SSL and code signing certificates since 1995, protecting identities and transactions in over 240 countries.

Learn More About Thawte SSL Certificates

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

GlobalSign is an established identity services company, recognized for its highly scalable, cloud-based PKI solutions which enterprises need to conduct safe commerce, communications, content delivery and community interactions.

At GlobalSign, we know SSL Certificates are a security standard that every company needs to help enable and make encrypted communication as safe and secure as possible.

Learn More About GlobalSign SSL Certificates

If you are looking to buy SSL certificate but unsure which one suits your needs, you can contact us and we can provide assist you and find you find the right HTTPS certificate so that you can head to purchase SSL the correct way.