GeoTrust QuickSSL DV SSL Certificate

S$189.00 S$338.00

(5 customer reviews)

• 1 Domain
• Domain Validation
• Basic HTTPS
• USD100,000 Warranty by GeoTrust
• Security Level 2 Lock Security
• Trust Level 2 Lock Security
• Authentication Level 1 Key Security
*Price does not include installation


Additional information

Security Level
2/4 Security Level
Trust Level
2/4 Trust Level
Authentication Level
1/3 Authentication Level
Validation Type

Domain Validation (DV)

Domains Secured +

Unlimited Sub-Domains


CSR Encryption


Encryption Strength

Up to 256 bit

Full Organization Authentication

Extended Validation

Green Bar Assessment

Warranty Coverage


Warranty by Insurer


Support for SAN (UC)

Support for IDN

Browser Compatibility

Over 99%

Browser Security Lock

Mobile Device Compatibility

Over 99%

Licensing Multiple Servers

Issuance Speed

Within a few minutes

Validity Option

1 year

Refund Policy

7 days

Free Reissues

Free Customer Support

5 reviews for GeoTrust QuickSSL DV SSL Certificate

  1. Olivia Tan

    I like that I can choose to have either a 1-year or 2-year subscription. So I want to try it for just a year first. It issues the certificate within a short time. I got mine minutes after requesting a certificate. There were a few issues along the way, but I had it resolved with IT Solution’s help.

  2. Chloe Teo

    I own a small enterprise. So as much as possible I wanted to protect my webpage with the most affordable SSL without compromising its security. Thankfully, GeoTrust QuickSSL DV SSL gives me just that.

    It gives me a static site seal. That gives my clients the impression of a secure business site. And it is secure! This SSL gives me 2 out of 4 trust and security levels. For a small business owner like me, that is already a good deal given its price.

  3. Megan Chow

    My previous SSL was a disaster. There were lots of issues with my webpage before. I’m just happy that now I get to have a good SSL now.

    I am using the GeoTrust QuickSSL DV. The service provider was very friendly. She helped me with the processes. Their service was a lot better than my last SSL experience. I am now more confident with my website security.

  4. Lauren Chee

    I had tried the GeoTrust free trial at first. Now, I am a big fan. I am using their Quick SSL DV SSL certificate. I subscribed for 1 year. So far everything has been smooth sailing. I get an average level of security and trust, but with what I’m paying and my type of website, it serves its purpose well.

  5. Ellie Lee

    GeoTrust is a good brand for SSL. They have an array of SSL packages available, and I think that is good because then we will have more options. I got IT Solution to help me with choosing the right SSL for me. They were very accommodating and understanding of my needs.

    I am now using the QuickSSL DV and it’s the perfect SSL for my webpage. I lead a small non-profit organization for our local farmers, and I needed a good SSL to secure our website. Many are now looking up our organization’s purpose, thanks to having a secure webpage.

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