Simplify the Internal Phone Networking System with Cloud PBX Solutions

Cloud PBX SolutionsPrivate Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private phone network designed for use within a company. Cloud PBX Solutions provide companies with a solution to simplify their internal phone networking system. There are various similar definitions all over the internet, but to sum it all up, Cloud PBX is a virtual phone system, hosted entirely on servers in off-site data centres, that provides a secure and reliable business phone system through the internet.

A Cloud PBX has advanced features that trump a traditional PBX phone system. For one, it offers a non-technical administrator the ease of setting everything up. Using PBX, a company can connect more phones as compared to physical phone lines. PBX also provides additional features such as voicemail, transfers, interactive voice response (IVR) menus, call recording, and automatic call distributor (ACD) queues. Traditional PBX is a PBX system where all hardware is run on-premise through the business’s server.


Advantages of Cloud PBX Solutions

Cloud PBX SolutionsCloud PBX is the latest system in PBX technology. It’s scalability for one, will come in handy when businesses start to grow. A Cloud PBX allows businesses to have a phone system that grows with them. Besides that, Cloud PBX has a lower cost as compared to a traditional PBX. This is because it allows businesses to avoid the high costs of in-house installations, and regular maintenance.

Next would be its flexibility. With Cloud PBX, businesses have the flexibility they need to be able to get the latest phone system features without needing to deal with the hardware updates. It also allows businesses to add or remove users instantaneously and allows the integration of existing phone hardware with the Cloud PBX. Its extended presence is a plus point. Using the Cloud PBX system, there is little to no hassle for businesses that wish to create and manage virtual offices. This gives them the opportunity to create a presence wherever they like.

The traditional PBX systems provide more control and security. However, it lacks flexibility and there’s the maintenance for upkeep. Although traditional PBX allows companies to have control over every detail, this also means that there are extra costs to make any changes to a complex system. Traditional PBX also requires maintenance and updates that will require resources that could be channeled into other projects or tasks.

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