Data Roaming for Business: Travel and Stay Connected

Data Roaming for BusinessThough some of us may travel to get away from a hectic schedule, we still like to stay connected. Most of us are attached to the digital world and the ease it provides in communicating with our loved ones. Based on this simple point, it is natural that we would like to share our travel experiences with our loved ones and the world. 

According to data from an Expedia conference in 2016, staying connected with their loved ones back home is a priority with millennial travellers. Based on the survey, it is found that 94 percent used social media while on holiday, and 66% percent of them loved sharing their experience abroad daily. When compared to previous generations, 75 percent of millennials use travel apps on their phones. This also includes mature adults with family and children. Even if you aren’t dependent on your mobile device, it is a helpful tool and can sometimes be a lifesaver when you lose your way in a foreign city.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you may have heard of the pocket WiFi routers. These function as a mobile WiFi hotspot that you can connect to while abroad as long as you stay within the device’s range. These convenient gadgets can be rented and their prices and data limit vary according to the vendors. 


Pros and Cons of Data Roaming for Business

Data Roaming for BusinessAlthough they seem like a good idea, they can be quite costly – especially if you misplace one on your holiday. They also require you to pack additional items that would add on to your luggage. This is definitely not ideal when you’re thinking of packing light or have your hands full dealing with little ones. Most if not all, would require a deposit in addition to the data plan you have chosen. There are also additional charges which include extra batteries, accessories and a late fee penalty. Besides that, vendors also impose a minimum rental period of at least three days, which is impractical for short trips. 

Besides pocket WiFi, travellers also have the option of obtaining a local SIM card from local telcos. However, it can be tedious and confusing shopping around for a SIM card that suits your needs. Not forgetting that you have to use a foreign number for the duration of the trip. 

As we live in a digital age today, where we could make voice and video calls via the internet, we won’t need to worry about having to use a foreign number for the duration of our stay. We just need to look for a data plan that suits your needs. The tedious task of shopping for a local SIM card can also be avoided by using data roaming

Data roaming for business allows you to pick your data plans before you travel! Thus allowing you to enjoy your holiday with ease. There will no longer be a need to plan your travel itinerary based on locations with free WiFi. With this, you no longer need to worry about being disconnected while exploring foreign lands. 

Plus with the latest SIM technology, eSIM, it will be even easier for consumers while abroad. eSIM will do away with the hassle of switching SIM cards physically when going abroad. This will allow travellers to switch networks from their local and foreign operators in a few clicks. 

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