Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Does your company have enough adequate service protection? If you don’t, you probably should. Security services are something every company should invest it, because it provides your business with a layer of communicating open systems which ensures that adequate security of the systems or data transfers are in place.

If your business hasn’t got a proper security service system in place just yet, you can turn to managed security service providers – better known as MSSP – to do it for you. MSSP’s will outsource the monitoring and management of your security devices and systems. The services which are commonly managed by these providers include the following:


Intrusion detection

different layout

Virtual private network



Anti-viral services

Vulnerability scanning

Why Businesses Need MSSP

Why face the daily pressures that are associated with information security on your own when you have providers like IT Solution Singapore who can do it for you? Malware, skills shortages, resource constraints and customer data theft are all issues which add on to your already full workload of running and managing a business, so why not leave it in the very capable hands of MSSP’s who will take control and look after all your business computing needs.

At IT Solution Singapore, you’ll be hard pressed to find other MSSPs who can understand the technological needs, demands and support requirements of each individual business across various industries. Which is why IT Solution Singapore is very careful about who we handpick to join our team of experienced professionals, and only the best of the best with extensive backgrounds in MSSP operations, and product development can be found within our ranks.

Managed security services are a systematic approach businesses can take to managing all their security needs.

Why Choose IT Solution Singapore

At IT Solution Singapore, all of our solutions are designed with the benefit of our clients in mind. Our solutions are designed to help empower MSSP’s with the best adaptive security on the market, that is capable of meeting any environment or security requirement no matter if the business may be big or small.

The benefit you get by working with an experienced MSSP like IT Solution Singapore is the security expertise you stand to gain, along with the additional staffing which you need to manage this aspect of your business. Our ability to manage the security process, even from an off-site location, allows you to conduct business as usual with little to no interruption. We ensure that your business’s IT needs are always up-to-date, and the MSSP interface acts as a constant line of communication and seamless reporting to your business.

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