Micro Data Centre Rack Space for Rent in Singapore

Learn More About Micro Data Centre and How You and Your Business Can Benefit From It

Micro Data Centre Rack Space for Rent in Singapore

If you own a business in Singapore and have plans to digitalize it, chances are you’ve heard of Micro Data Centres, or simply, MDC. Data centres have long emerged with the start of the computer era. Nowadays, more data centres are quickly adapting to the rise of cloud computing in companies.

However, many people have a vague idea of what precisely a micro data centre is, what are the functions and how it can contribute to your organization. Correctly understanding the MDC will and realizing how it can unlock your business potential is vital. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of MDCs!

What is a Micro Data Centre?

An MDC is a containerized data centre architecture that helps the computer to manage the workload, without the needs of traditional facilities. They are scaled-down data centres and have a smaller footprint; MDCs are devised to handle many types of computing workloads and deals easily to solve advanced problems.

A standard micro data rack encompasses:

  • Server racks/enclosures
  • High-performance servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSes)
  • In-rack/in-container cooling
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Physical security measures
  • Fire suppression technology

What are the benefits of having an MDC?

MDC welcomes a plethora of features to help you assist in your data storage. Besides being able to help you scale your business, other advantages of MDCs are:


Not all companies are able to store their data efficiently in-house. Given the limitations of traditional data storing, many businesses have to continuously put up with data disruptions which hinder them from reaching their full capacity. Storing data using the old-fashioned way will slowly but surely burn a hole in your pocket and use up your time and energy. To overcome this, our modular design of MDCs lowers opex, which aims to reduces energy costs. With our micro data centres that are self-contained and pre-engineered, you will be able to store bigger sized data and browse them more efficiently.


You do not have to worry about your data privacy anymore. Our firm does not take security lightly. We install the best data centre security solutions that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Our micro data centres are fully secured and installed with full certification. Not only that, but our world-class facilities will also guarantee your security and provides you with maximum protection in a minimal space, all day, every day!

Usage of the latest technology

Our micro data centre uses state-of-the-art technology. We provide flexible data storage that is reliable with minimum response time, high performance, sufficient capacity that simplifies your day to day management. With our service, you can now have faster deployment times with the click of a button.

Low latency

Micro data racks optimize the processes of high-volume data messages with minimized delay. This means that you will have near real-time access to rapid data processing and storage. The less delay, the better.

Micro Data Centre Rack Space for Rent in Singapore

Where do I sign up?

The increased consumption of digital services has turned Micro Data Centres a popular demand in the ever-changing business landscape. Why settle for less when you can get so much more with our Micro Data Centres? IT Solution offers you bona fide technology micro data centre that features various benefits. Our multi-disciplinary team are trained professionals are the best in the business and are eager to help you and your business grow. Consult us at IT Solution and get started with your micro data centres now!