Virtual Private Network VPN Singapore – What Is It?

VPN is a cutting-edge network technology which enables users to create a highly-secure network connection over the internet or a privately owned network by the service provider. VPN technology is now being preferred and commonly used by all sectors including the educational sector, government sector and corporate sector. The use of VPN technology gives them the peace of mind that users located in remote areas can securely connect and access their private networks.

Just like WAN, VPN enables users to connect and use multiple websites over long distances with ease. In general, VPNs are mostly used to expand and extend intranets across the globe, helping with the dissemination of information & news to a larger audience. For example, educational institutes prefer to integrate VPN Singapore and use this network technology to connect their campuses together that are located in different geographic regions.

However, to ensure maximum network security, the user needs to be authenticated so that they can easily access and use a private network when and as needed. An authenticated user generally has a unique ID and password. Also, a token for authentication is provided to the user to gain network access in the form of a PIN (Personal-Identification-Number). The PIN basically functions as the authentication code that is unique to every user.

Virtual Private Network VPN

VPN-Security Protocols

A wide array of Virtual Private Network protocols are used to ensure data traffic security over the internet. Each protocol used varies in terms of the way they work to keep data secure. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used security protocols:

IP Security

IP Security

This security protocol basically secures communication over the web. IP security traffic either uses tunnelling or transport mode to encrypt traffic in a Virtual Private Network. The difference in the transport and tunnelling mode is that the tunnelling mode smoothly encrypts the entire data-packet; while on the other hand, the transport mode only encrypts the message that is inside the data-packet, also known as the payload.

SSL Security


SSL (Secure-Sockets-Layer) uses the cryptography method to secure web based communications. It offers bank level security. To develop a connection, the user must successfully complete the authentication process that involves certificates or cryptographic keys. These are saved on the server.

PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol)

PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol)

PPTP connects a remotely located client on the internet to a privately held server. This is the most popular Virtual Private Network protocol and widely used because it has a simple configuration.

Benefits of Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) Software

If you’re looking to build a secure web based private network cost-effectively, then a VPN may be your best choice. It is an effective and inexpensive way to create a powerful and secure private network. It is a great alternative to leased and expensive private lines. Besides that, the ease, flexibility and speed of VPN provisioning as compared to leased private-lines, truly makes VPN an ideal choice for businesses set up over the web.

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