Logo & Corporate Identity Design Services in Singapore

Having a good logo is vital for every business startup. It helps in the branding of your company and creates brand awareness for your clients. It is no doubt that your company logo is the most powerful marketing tool you should focus on. All big companies and businesses have a logo of their own as it establishes their identity.

At IT Solution, our logo design services start by recognizing our client’s nature of business and understanding their needs. Our goal is to deliver and meet each client’s unique expectations as customer satisfaction is highly valued in IT Solution.

Place your trust in us and invest in IT Solution Pte Ltd NOW.

We offer cost-effective logo design services for local companies with fast turnaround time.

Logo Design

Seeing a good logo will give you a hint on what that business branding is all about. The corporation needs a logo with a memorable image, which makes people remember them easily.

Logo Color and Printing Management

Most desktop scanners, digital cameras, and video capture systems save files in RGB color. But when we do printing, we must add black ink and in doing so must cut back on some color on a coated paper stock. Logo can be converted to the CMYK color space by the printer using color management methods, thus helps preserve the best possible detail and vibrancy.

Whereas Pantone colors are extremely important for color consistency. They enable designers to color match specific colors when they have designs that are beginning to enter the production stage. This is to standardize system and ensure that they are giving customers the same shade of a color every time.

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