Structure Cabling Solution

All companies including small-sized companies and some Fortune 500 enterprises require a seamless communication system which can support services like LAN, WLAN, ADSL, and ISDN. And this is only attainable if a company invests in a high quality structured cabling infrastructure. Structure cabling is the heart of the telecommunication system as it provides the perfect environment needed for data transmission. It properly integrates telephone networks, security, video surveillance, local computers, and other IT systems together. It also provides the best support to multimedia and data systems. This networking system designs a proper cabling infrastructure featuring cables and sockets.

What is Structure Cabling?

Structure network cabling is an important part of your business data center. Cables must be neatly structured, properly organized, and correctly installed to prevent the server from being stuck in the server-rack because of cable blockage. Besides, it is also needed to meet the on-going information & telecommunication requirements of different businesses.

It is a single cable system that has the power and the capacity to join multiple computers, phones, and devices together. A properly structured and installed networking system is much needed for businesses to improve their workflow, maintain efficient communication across enterprise and more importantly, lessen downtime issues.

Amazing Benefits of Structure Cabling

One Time Investment that Lasts for Years

It is truly a one-time investment that offers amazing benefits to your business for years. If installed both perfectly and correctly, it can serve you for many years and can be scaled for future growth flexibly. It is the best way to make additions and modifications in your existing network architecture as it offers a single-point for administrative and management requirements. It can be easily restructured, thus saving you a great deal of time and money.

Isolate Faulty Systems

In structured network cabling, you can easily identify the causes, segregate faulty networks, and resolve network issues occurring in your system. Thereby, without bringing your entire business system to a standstill. This is attainable only in a structured cabling network as the entire system is divided into proper manageable blocks. This makes it super easy for us to pinpoint the problem and resolve it immediately.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Structured cabling offers unrivaled flexibility to users to connect different types of devices to the system. One example is you can simply connect your desired devices like PCs or telephones into the specialized sockets and get started.


This cabling system is perfect for expanding businesses as it helps them grow their existing information and telecommunication system smoothly according to their needs. When you have this in your office, you can install new devices to the system without incurring additional costs.


How Can We Help?

When it comes to structure cabling, it’s important to hire the best in the business to do the job. Working with an experienced company like IT Solution Singapore is a good decision because cable infrastructure in office buildings is critical. Installation and integration of structured cables require proper planning, designing, and expertise. And this is what we are recognized for! We provide a complete line of cat5e, cat6, and cat6a copper cabling components offering high and reliable performance. Give us the opportunity to serve you! Remember having a good networking system is the backbone of your company.

For more information or further assistance, get in touch with us today! Allow our friendly team of consultants to find the best Structure Cabling according to your business needs.