Domain Validation DV SSL Certificates – Display Basic HTTPS in Browser

DV SSL Certificates (DV stands for Domain Validation) grants standard encryption while displaying the padlock indicator and HTTPS name on the browser address bar. Individuals or SMEs would benefit the most from DV SSL Certificates as it is the most affordable and does not require the hassle of paperwork.


How It Works for Domain Validation?

To obtain the SSL Certificate, the validation is to validate the domain name which is the email verification of the domain name or whois record displayed publicly. If the domain name have purchased ID protect, email verification is not able to validate the whois record email address. Thus, you will need to either one of this admin email address of your domain name to perform the email verification. They are,,,,


So the DV SSL Certificates are the simplest to obtain as it can be issued fairly quickly without the need to submit company paperwork.

Pick your Domain Validation DV SSL Certificate..

Here are the list of DV SSL Certificates which include Single SSL, Wildcard SSL and Multi-domain SSL. Toggle the header to ascending order or descending order. Checkbox the “Compare” button to compare the different feature of the DV SSL Certificates.

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SSL Certificate ProductsValidationWarranty by SSL VendorsSite SealCompareAdd to Cart
SectigoSSL DVDomainUSD250,000DynamicAdd to Cart
SectigoSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD250,000DynamicAdd to Cart
SectigoSSL UCC Multi-Domain DVDomainUSD250,000StaticAdd to Cart
PositiveSSL DVDomainUSD10,000StaticAdd to Cart
PositiveSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000StaticAdd to Cart
PositiveSSL UCC Multi-Domain DVDomainUSD10,000StaticAdd to Cart
RapidSSL DVDomainUSD10,000StaticAdd to Cart
RapidSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000StaticAdd to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL DVDomainUSD100,000StaticAdd to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium DVDomainUSD500,000DynamicAdd to Cart
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard DVDomainUSD500,000DynamicAdd to Cart
GlobalSign DomainSSL DVDomainUSD10,000DynamicAdd to Cart
GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000DynamicAdd to Cart
Thawte SSL123 DVDomainUSD500,000DynamicAdd to Cart
Thawte SSL123 Wildcard DVDomainUSD500,000DynamicAdd to Cart
AlphaSSL DVDomainUSD10,000DynamicAdd to Cart
AlphaSSL Wildcard DVDomainUSD10,000DynamicAdd to Cart

3 Types of DV SSL Certificates

Single Domain SSL Certificate - Domain Validation DVSingle Domain DV SSL Certificates
Covering single common name such as or

Wildcard Domain SSL Certificate - Domain Validation DVWildcard Domain DV SSL Certificates
Covering unlimited sub-domain name of a common name such as * or *

Single Domain SSL Certificate - Domain Validation DVMulti-Domain DV SSL Certificates
Covering different domain name or common name such as or or

Domain Validation DV SSL Certificates – Also known as Single Common Name SSL Certificate. Some would call it SingleSSL or DomainSSL when comes to purchasing such SSL Certificates.

Certificate Features

Strong & Fast Issue SSL

Strong & Fast Issue SSL

Users can secure their website within minutes.

Unlimited Reissue & Licenses

Unlimited Reissue & Licenses

We allow lifespan reissue & unlimited server licenses.

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

The most affordable DV SSL certificates you can get.

Universal Device Support

Universal Device Support

It supports 99.9% desktop, mobile browsers and application devices.

Business Document Not Required

Business Document Not Required

Do not need business documents for verification such as phone, address and company name.

Lowest Level of Authentication

Lowest Level of Authentication

Certificate Authorities (CAs) will issue a domain-validated certificate just by sending an email to the contact email address.

Technical Features

  • 2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
  • Robust Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • Establishes a Secure Connection Between a Browser and a Server
  • Places a Padlock Next to Your Web Address in the Browser
  • Can Secure Both WWW and Non-WWW Domains
  • Alternative Options Such as Wildcard and Multi-domain Features
  • Fast Online Automated Validation: No Paperwork, No Faxes, No Delay
  • Carryover Coverage Added Up To 60 Days
  • Improves Search Engine Ranking
  • Issuance Within Minutes
  • Compatible With 99.9% of the Most Trusted Web and Mobile Browsers
  • Free Trust Logo Site Seal to Improve Customer Conversion
  • Up to USD500,000 Relying Party Warranty
  • Can Be Reissued as Many Times as Needed During the Validity Period
  • 7-day Money-back Guarantee

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Domain Validation DV SSL Certificates Information

In order to issue Domain Validation DV SSL, you must have the administrator email address access for domain control validation (DCV) process.

Example of administrator email list:
admin@domain, administrator@domain, hostmaster@domain, postmaster@domain, webmaster@domain

If you don’t have the domain administrator email address, another method is used WHOIS record email address for DCV process, you can check your domain WHOIS record email address at /

This is the sample of WHOIS record email address:
WHOIS Record Email Address

DCV email will send to domain administrator email / WHOIS record email.

DV SSL will issue within a few minutes such as DCV email verification is done.

Single Domain SSL Certificates is to secure your base domain name such as or When come to securing, it also secure ( is added as a free SAN). So the primary/base domain is added as a free SAN for SSL certificates that begin with “www” as part of the single order SSL certificate during the SSL submission with your CSR file and do not contain subdomains (example: added for, but not added for So when you are securing your “www” domain, remember that your base domain name need to be added into your CSR file. The free SAN does not count as part of the additional SANs which some single domain SSL certificates allow you to purchase additional SANs in a single domain SSL certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificates is to secure * which also secure (which is the primary domain name added as a free SAN). The primary domain name is added as a free SAN for wildcard SSL certificate domains without subdomains (e.g., added for *, but not added for *

Multi-domain SSL Certificates is to secure few different domain name such as,, which are different domain names. Multi-domain SSL certificate normally will comes with 3~4 SANs as a package, if you need more SANs, the SAN can be added for an additional cost.

SAN stands for Subject Alternate Name, in short it will be call as SAN. The certificate is a digital security certificate which allows multiple hostnames to be protected by a single certificate.

You may hear of Unified Communication Certificate (or UCC), a multi-domain certificate, or an Exchange certificate which also refer the same.

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