Global business is now a trend and the idea is the game changer in business world. However, the economic benefits of a global economy do not come without their challenges. When doing business abroad, understanding the language and cultural differences are parts of the outreach strategies. Language, in particular, plays a significant role when we do business abroad. Hence, equip yourself with the knowledge of certain native language is one of the sensible steps when you expand your business to overseas. Apart from learning the native language to make the conversation easier, getting your contents translated is also important to ensure the success of your overseas business.

What Are Your Translation Options?

There are two types of translations available when a business wants to translate a piece of content: machine translation or professional translation service.
As the name implies, machine translation involves translation tools, such as Google Translate, which is easy-to-use, free, and provide instant translation. However, machine translation only provides basic translations and may not completely accurate.

On the other hand, professional translation services are translation done by professional translators who are native or fluent speakers- high-quality translated contents [at certain fees] is the result of this translation service.

When Do You Need Malay Translation Service?

The native language in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei is the Malay language. In addition, the Malay language is one of four official languages of Singapore. As such, it is one of the widely used languages in Southeast Asia where 40 million people speak it natively across the Malacca Strait.

If you plan to venture into any of these countries, competent Malay business translations are important for successful operations in those countries especially if it involves dealings between major corporations or huge amount of money or capital. Many times, businesses must deal with the translation of business and legal documents into Malay language. These translations entail a number of critical elements that may not be found in many other translation categories. Contents that may fall in the category of business or legal translation include patent documents, depositions, contracts, application letters, birth certificates, strategy guides, marketing and advertising, and even financial statements.

We Offer Good Malay Translation Service

Just like many other Asian languages, good English to Malay translation service requires not only a good level of proficiency of the Malay language, but translator must be able to capture the nuances of the document and conveys the exact meaning from the source language. IT Solution is here to provide exceptional Malay translation services with our professional translators. They are able to understand and accurately translate to and from Malay language and thus come up with the highest-quality translated contents. We provide specialized Malay translation service and related business services to a number of industries. Contact us whenever you need the Malay translation services!