One-stop Managed IT Services

The evolution of modern technologies and the ever-increasing connectivity have created global shifts in many aspects of our lives, including business management and marketing strategy. Hence, keeping an IT environment running smoothly has become a hot topic in business. However, IT management requires constant attention and the availability IT talents. The fast-changing marketplace and the challenges in IT talent retention have caused many organisations to seek professional help from IT firms especially those offer managed IT services.

What is One-stop Managed IT Services?

As the name suggests, one-stop managed IT service is a one-stop solution provided by an IT service provider that comes at flat-rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee coupled with the proactive monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure. In other words, the managed service arrangement allows the customer pays a regular fee for receipt of the service while the managed service provider is responsible for the functionality of the IT service and infrastructure.

Unlimited Remote

Unlimited Remote

Onsite Support

Onsite Support

Starting from IT consulting, to devices recommendation, network managementserver administration, data backup, to virtualization, the one-stop managed IT solution provider manage all of them.

Why are Managed IT Services Important to a Business?

Peace Of Mind

Rest assured, getting assistance from the IT experts will give you the peace of mind. While not everyone can be the IT expert, the managed service providers take care of your IT so you can focus on running your business.

IT Support

Managed services provide a comprehensive and proactive support. What’s more, with the one-stop manage IT services, you can have all IT experts in place to help you to manage and monitor the IT environment of your business. In addition, the proactive support ensures that your IT facilities are upgraded and updated to mitigate risks, i.e. downtime, virus attacks, and crashes.

IT Planning

Strategic IT planning is another key benefit that we can get from one-stop managed IT services because the managed IT services will help you to plan and think ahead on what IT solution suits your business. Customers do not just get a day-to-day IT support but they will also get a dedicated IT manager to help them to monitor and manage their IT infrastructures.

IT Consultation

Often, the professional IT team will provide guidance to customers on everything from overall IT strategy that includes the type of technology and functionality needed that meet the customer’s IT and business environments and goals.


Managed service providers can monitor and maintain your IT environment, allowing them to see and prevent network problems before they turn into downtime that often comes with a price.

How Can IT Solution Help?

At IT Solution, we offer a comprehensive managed IT services to help you to augment your organization and help you drive more revenue from your technology investments. We have a group of IT and business professionals that can help you to get the most from your IT applications. Furthermore, we focus on simplifying implementations, optimizing processes and reducing your total cost of operation.

We go beyond as a single solution provider but a total one-stop solution provider that takes care of all your IT needs including:

On top of all the services, we ensure the consistency and high quality of our services with the assignment of one dedicated project manager and engineer to every customer. With as low as $500 per month, you will receive services from a professional IT team. In other words, you have the assistance from IT experts only at a fraction of the cost.

Why IT Solution?

We are experienced professionals

With IT Solution, you are not just engaging an IT solution provider, you are partnering with experienced IT professionals who will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations.

We care about your business

At IT Solution, we do not just get to know your business, but we invest our time and effort to help your company reach its potential.

We get to know our customers

IT Solution believes that excellent customer service begins with getting to know our customers, from the vision of your company, challenges you are facing and to the unique goals, you might have, we listen and understand what your business need.

We are the award-winning team

We are proud of the external recognition we have received through awards and testimonials from customers. From the Digital Transformation Consultant of the Year to the Top 10 Firewall Solution Service Providers 2017, all the awards and recognition vouch for our expertise and experience!

Our Award

IT Solution Systems – Proud Recipient of APAC CIOoutlook Award

IT Solution Systems is Proud Recipient of the APAC CIOoutlook Award

IT Solution Systems Pte. Ltd. is recently the proud recipient of the APAC CIOoutlook Top 25 Managed Service Providers 2018. This helps to further validate IT Solution Systems Pte. Ltd. as company that is sought after and recognized by many as the top managed solution provider in Singapore.

View IT Solution Systems is Proud Recipient of the APAC CIOoutlook Award

Top 10 firewall solution providers 2017

Top 10 Firewall Solution Service Providers 2017

We are exceptionally delighted to be specially chosen as one of the Top 10 Firewall Solution Service Providers in 2017. IT Solution Singapore demonstrates its commitment to deliver high-performance, scalable security solutions that are designed to safeguard highly sensitive infrastructure data and provide enhanced cyber security.

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IT Solution Recognised as The Digital Transformation Consultant of the Year

We have built a reputation as the digital transformation consultant of the year based on our reputation and services, delivering only the best to go above and beyond the client’s expectations. The core of our focus is to bring companies the most sought-after solutions available to businesses across all sectors.

View Digital Transformation Consultant of The Year recognition by Singapore Brand.

50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

With great honour, IT Solution Systems is now one of the 50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers in 2016, a recognition from APAC CIOoutlook. Companies listed in the list highlight some of the prominent organisations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond an advisory level.

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IT Solution was recognized by Singapore Brand as a Top Player Firm in Singapore.

We are exceptionally delighted to be specially chosen as one of the top firms to receive this recognition presented by Singapore Brand.

View IT Solution’s Top Player recognition by Singapore Brand

The company strives to become the biggest player in the market as a one-stop service provider for all IT needs, empowering clients to build a reliable and cutting-edge IT infrastructure that fosters long-term business growth. Over the years, the company has built its strong market reputation on factors such as customer-focused work approach, superior services, work-ethics, custom-designed solutions and prompt delivery services.

Fostering the principle of innovation and service excellence, the company continues to set new industry standards by providing innovative and personalised services. Read IT Solution’s Success Story on Singapore Brand

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