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Effective Office Relocation IT Support in Singapore

Relocating your office into a new location requires a lot of things: time, money, effort, manpower, and definitely patience. Doing it on your own could be potentially hazardous and costly. You need relocation experts who make sure your server, system, and infrastructure get transferred safely and securely.

Our team at IT Solution can do the job perfectly. We have done numerous office relocations over the years, and we always get positive feedback from our clients. From planning to actual moving out, we will assist you in every step.

All you have to do is give us directions and other specific details relative to your relocation. You can then focus on reestablishing your company instead of dealing with the stressors of office relocation.
We will also make sure to meet your target relocation date, so expect no delays nor disruptions from us. Our services will never affect your productivity levels. This means your company can still operate while we are moving out your office. Further, you can still:

  • Access your work emails
  • Communicate remotely with employees
  • Get into your main company website without complications

Get in touch with us for more information. Our professional team at IT Solution is more than happy to serve your office relocation concerns.

Our Office Setup Clients

We Support:

  • Coordinating and provisioning internet connections
  • Managing downtime to ensure smooth and consistent business operations
  • Examine the new location to eliminate any issues
  • Inventorying each system and providing a detailed report
  • Testing software, hardware, workstation, and server connectivity
  • Dealing with involved vendors during the relocation (such as ISPs and telecom)

Our Award:

Top 10 Firewall Solution Providers

Top 10 Firewall Solution Service Providers 2017

We are exceptionally delighted to be specially chosen as one of the Top 10 Firewall Solution Service Providers in 2017. IT Solution Singapore demonstrates its commitment to deliver high-performance, scalable security solutions that are designed to safeguard highly sensitive infrastructure data and provide enhanced cyber security.

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Digital Transformation Consultant Awards

IT Solution Recognised as The Digital Transformation Consultant of the Year

We have built a reputation as the digital transformation consultant of the year based on our reputation and services, delivering only the best to go above and beyond the client’s expectations. The core of our focus is to bring companies the most sought-after solutions available to businesses across all sectors.

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50 Most Promising Microsoft  Solution Providers

50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

With great honour, IT Solution Systems is now one of the 50 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers in 2016, a recognition from APAC CIOoutlook. Companies listed in the list highlight some of the prominent organisations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond an advisory level.

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Singapore Brand Top Player

IT Solution was recognized by Singapore Brand as a Top Player Firm in Singapore.

We are exceptionally delighted to be specially chosen as one of the top firms to receive this recognition presented by Singapore Brand.

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The company strives to become the biggest player in the market as a one-stop service provider for all IT needs, empowering clients to build a reliable and cutting-edge IT infrastructure that fosters long-term business growth. Over the years, the company has built its strong market reputation on factors such as customer-focused work approach, superior services, work-ethics, custom-designed solutions and prompt delivery services.

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Our Services:

Office Relocation

  • Design Development
  • Permit to Work Submission
  • IT Requirements Gathering
  • Submit SOW & System Pricing
  • Consultants Appointed

IT Procurement

  • Circuit Orders
  • Rack & SCS
  • UPS & PDUs
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Network & Telephony
  • Security & CCTV
  • AV Systems


  • Site Commencement
  • Electrical Works
  • MEP Works
  • Containment Works
  • Partition Works

Server Room Works

  • Server Room Handover
  • Wall & Ceiling Finishes
  • Special Marble Finishes
  • Carpeting & Floor Finishes
  • System Furniture Assembly
  • Conference Room Furniture Delivery
  • Final Inspection
  • Touch up & Cleaning
  • Practical Completion

Structured Cabling Works

  • Pre-Wiring
  • Rack Delivery & Setup
  • Server Room Termination
  • Office Termination & Testing

Power & EMS Works

  • UPS & PDU Installation
  • EMS Installation & Testing

Door Access Control & CCTV

  • Pre-Wiring
  • Device Termination
  • Testing & Commissioning

AV Works – General Meeting Rooms

  • Pre-Wiring
  • Existing Equipment Relocation
  • Device Termination
  • Testing & Commissioning

AV Works – Board Room

  • Pre-Wiring
  • Device Termination
  • Testing & Commissioning

Activation for Circuits

  • Site Survey
  • Prewiring Works
  • Analog (TBC)
  • Internet (New)
  • Voice (Dummy Circuit)
  • Voice (Cutover)
  • Internet (Cutover)

Network & Telephony Setup

  • Temp Router & Switch Setup
  • POE Switch Setup
  • Cisco CME Setup
  • Handset Assembly & Testing
  • UAT (4 Users)

Server Upgrade

  • Construction
  • IT Works

Relocation Weekend

  • Shutdown Servers
  • Unrack & Move Server Room Equipment
  • Disconnect & Move EUC Equipment
  • Server Room Equipment Setup
  • Reconnect & Test EUC Equipment
  • Contingency

First Day of Business

  • Go-Live Support

Project Closeout

  • Handover & Training Sessions
  • Punch List Management
  • As Built Documentation
  • Project Sign-Off

Qualified and Experienced Technical Support

As mentioned, our experts and technicians will be on hand and will work closely with you throughout the duration of the relocation to ensure little to no disruptions.

We understand how delicate office relocation can be. Besides organizing the relocation of office furniture, you need to ensure that your equally fragile IT equipment remains intact during the move. It’s not as simple as disconnecting it from the previous location and connecting it at the new one. The entire process will be handled by IT specialists who are familiar with the logistical and technical aspects of such relocation’s.

Reviewing technological equipment before a move can help pinpoint the changes required to ensure a smooth relocation. This includes taking power outlets, number, type of phones and reassembly into account. Our qualified technicians will evaluate each element which will not only help us make appropriate changes in the new office, but also determine future technical requirements. Besides saving time, the precautions can save your business a lot of money in the long run.

Therefore, besides IT Relocation, we will also offer support for electrical works such as pre-wiring, testing services, UPS and PDU installation, install network and telephony services and other elements that make up your business IT infrastructure. Our aim would be to ensure that all of your systems will be up and running post relocation.

However, our support does not end there. Following the relocation, IT Solutions will also provide on-site support services to tackle any technical issues that may crop up.

In other words, we will be with you every step of the way!

Qualified and Experienced Technical Support
Relocating IT Support Quickly and Efficiently

IT Relocation Checklist

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