IT Auditing in Singapore

Auditing has a loose definition of conducting an examination to determine if everything works fine. You would most likely encounter this term on every companies’ financial statements. After all, it would only make sense to perform regular audits on a business’ accounting records as a way of finetuning its operational performance. It also gauges how the organization follows industry standards. Having said that, many people may not be aware that auditing can also be done on a business’ IT department. If you want to know more about IT Auditing, then read further.

Typically, IT Auditing services revolve around having an in-depth examination of an organization’s IT infrastructure. Similar to a financial audit, IT Auditing enables business owners to spot certain discrepancies which are often overlooked. In this case, the specialist will detail inconsistencies which could potentially impact server productivity and data security.

It is bothering that some business owners turn a blind eye on some minimal errors that occur within their system. By doing so, they are leaving a small gap which would eventually widen out if not resolved accordingly. This creates an opportunity for intrusive parties to attack your weakest points and potentially affect your digital assets. Basically, carelessness could lead a company to its downfall. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is save a few dollars while putting your business at risk.

Take the proactive step and act diligently before anything goes wrong with your company. Conduct regular IT Auditing services by enlisting professionals who can really do the job for you.

At IT Solution, you could find the best IT experts in Singapore. These are individuals who have theoretically and practically mastered the inner workings of infrastructure. Additionally, they have exposed themselves to various fields and industries which molded their expertise further.
Risks can be external (competitors or other non-affiliated parties) or internal. We perform IT Auditing Services for both instances.

We strongly follow the auditing standards of neutrality, transparency, and prudence. In line with this, you will receive a comprehensive and objective audit report. We will also supplement it with a risk mitigation plan to improve your IT department as a whole.

Our IT Auditing Services

IT Auditing Services
Improving your performance is our top priority at IT Solution. We make this possible by conducting a thorough internal audit through your database. Expect our auditors to inspect each component of your infrastructure to ensure that you meet the standards of modern technology in the corporate arena. Some of our competitive services include:

  • Scrutinizing operating system performance
  • Testing if your internet and firewall work well
  • Reviewing database performance and software functionality
  • Going over other internal solutions like backup protocols and disaster recovery systems
  • Analyzing scalability potential for future ventures
  • Detecting potential risks that could affect your productivity and formulating infallible solutions to remove them

IT Security Audit
Your company may have the most sophisticated infrastructure, but that does not mean it is invulnerable to external risks. Even the most reputable firms of the 21st century still rely on robust IT Security. After all, industries are becoming more cutthroat than ever, with small and medium-scale entrepreneurs entering the commercial scene.

A single mistake, perhaps an unguarded database, can be both advantageous to malicious individuals and perilous to your organization. You need to verify if your IT Security is adequate enough to combat threats looming around the corner. This is only possible by performing an IT Security Audit.

At IT Solution, we will review your IT landscape and pinpoint all risk factors in relation to security. Are you using an outdated antivirus program? Have you updated your malware to the latest version? These are some of the questions we will address to you upon extensively dissecting your IT security layers. We will deliver objective reports as well as pertinent recommendations on how to eradicate or at least lessen these potential risks.

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