The ID Protect service preserves the anonymity of your contact details instead of disclosing fake data. You can easily notice the difference below:

Unprotected WHOIS
John Doe Productions
John Doe
12 Main St
Hollister, CA 95022
United States
(555) 555-1234

Protected with ID Protect

Whois Privacy Protection
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th

St – F1
Kirland, WA 98033
United States
(425) 274-0657

Why Should I Provide My Personal Information When I Buy a Domain Name?

ICANN and other Internet authorities have mandated domain owners to disclose their contact information for accessibility. However, identity thieves have abused this system tremendously. With ID Protect, you can satisfy the regulations while keeping your contact information safe and well-protected.

ID Protect and WHOIS

WHOIS is a site where potential domain buyers can locate the existing domain owner’s contact information in case the former want to purchase the latter’s domain. This means if the domain has been taken already, you can track the WHOIS information of that domain to find out who owns the domain. Due to such information being readily available, spammers can get in touch with it smoothly.

However, when your domain name has ID Protect, you could get less spam. This happens by changing your WHOIS address many times a year. Of course, the method is still legitimate by all means. Simply contact us if you want to know more about ID Protect.

ID Protect in Singapore

ID Protect is a domain registration service wherein owners can put their information in a private manner. Upon doing so, domain owners will be able to eliminate the risk of data breach or identity theft. In this era of technology where cybercriminals can steal any information you put online, you need a service that guarantees your web security.

ID Protect works by not revealing your domain’s registration on the WHOIS registry. It also discourages data miners and spammers from getting in touch with your data. There are other services relative to ID Protect, but they merely fabricate WHOIS information by putting false data. By choosing these services, you are just putting your domain registration at risk of suspension.

At IT Solution, we only provide ID Protect services that 100% comply with ICANN regulations. We do this by storing your information in a third-party vault that has multiple layers of protection.

Why Does Your Domain Need ID Protect

There have been millions of identity theft and data breach instances around the world. In the US alone, there are three trillion spam emails sent each year. From that, there are approximately nine million identity theft cases that were left unsolved and untracked. Cybercrimes like these have been increasing every year, with the ease of gathering information on the Internet. Therefore, you need to ensure the safety of your information by keeping it private in a legitimate way.

As stated earlier, there are cheaper services out there which are glorified as alternatives. However, these only provide you with a false sense of security. What’s worse is that you can get penalties by masking your information with a bogus one. Meanwhile, other services only halt emails from getting through domain owners. Unfortunately, this method does not really work as well, as there may be necessary emails which you would not be able to receive as well.

On the other hand, ID Protect has the capacity to accurately screen which emails are genuine and which ones aren’t. With this, you can assure that you are still receiving mail while preventing spam emails from entering your inbox.

You can use ID Protect when you are registering your domain from any of the following TLDs: .COM, .ORG, .NET, .BIZ, .CC, .CM, .INFO, .TV, .PRO, .ME, and .ASIA.

Preserves Your Information Safely
ID Protect stores your data in a safe and private vault, which prevents cybercriminals from getting access to them

Stops Spam Mails
You would not be receiving too much spam messages any longer since spammers can’t get to you in the first place.

Receive Important Emails
While you could receive fewer messages with ID Protect, you can still get necessary emails. Examples of this are the domain purchase or renewal orders which are deemed legitimate by the system.

ICANN Compliance
ID Protect complies with ICANN regulations. This means you would never get a penalty or suspension when keeping your information private.

ID Protect - Your Shield Against Spam and Identity Theft

As Low As SGD$12.80/year!

Protects your personal information online
Reduces spam to your inbox
Shields you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year