Adobe—What Is It?


Adobe is a cutting-edge, creative and sophisticated software suite that features a wide array of applications like graphic design apps, web development and video editing apps. Adobe is a product by Adobe Systems. Applications designed by Adobe have over the years become the industry-standard apps for several positions related to design and development.

The Adobe Creative Cloud was the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite of Software Programs. This Software will be accessible to users via Cloud technology on a monthly or yearly subscription service. It gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services like never before.

List of Most Popular Adobe Software Programs

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular and standard Adobe software programs:


The ease of use and amazing features has truly made Photoshop the go to image manipulation and editing software program. It works with faster graphics and has the power to produce detailed compositions.

Acrobat X Pro

This software is excellent when it comes to creating robust and high quality PDF files. It allows users to create foregrounds, resize pages individually, set backgrounds and you can also add audio and videos to the document, making them more interactive.

After Effects

The Adobe After Effects program is designed to help users add visual effects to both animations and videos. This program can be used to create cool animations of characters and texts. It features some of the most amazing editing tools for delivering the ultimate video viewing experience.

Premiere Pro

This software by Adobe is largely used for video editing. Using this software, users can easily edit & cut video tracks. The edited videos can also be exported and converting in the format desired. With the help of this software program, users can even create a movie by grabbing individual clips and adding it to a timeline. Besides this, Premiere Pro also allows users to add titles and apply colour corrections if needed.


Adobe InDesign software enables users to both produce as well as preview documents, typically for magazines both on desktop platforms and in print. The software is developed to provide excellent precision with typography and page layouts. Simply stated, this software is basically made for the purpose of content publishing. Projects that are ideally rendered using InDesign software are posters, marketing materials, and newspapers.


The Adobe Illustrator can be best described as the Photoshop of vector art. It is a resolution independent graphic tool. Using this tool, you can create vector art, comprising of curves, geometric data and lines. It is best for creating business logos, graphics on business cards, clipart, icons and Infographics. More importantly, with Adobe Illustrator, you can resize pictures without losing their quality. This means a design used on a small business card can be enlarged to billboard size.

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