What is Hosting?

Hosting is basically a service that allows you to make your site accessible to your audience via the World Wide Web. This service provides you with data centre space and internet connectivity.

Here, it is important to understand that websites basically consists of files, such as index.php, index.html, dot CSS files, and images to name a few. These files are then stored on a remote computer server from where they are hosted, making your website easily accessible to your site visitors. The host assigns a DNS address for the website files on your domain name so it is much easier for audiences to find your site over the web by typing in your website domain name.

No matter how much you invest and how great the website design is, it is no good if you don’t have a reliable hosting service, as you will never have a place for your website files to reside, and your site users may never be able to access and view your website.

When your site in not accessible via the World Wide Web, you will never be able to create a strong online presence and compete against other industry players.

When it comes to hiring a web hosting company, RELIABILITY is key!

It is important to make sure that you hire a service provider that is trusted and reliable. With a reliable host, you can be confident that your website will be up and running 24x7x365 days a year without any serious downtime as website downtime can cost your business greatly. If your site is inaccessible to your online visitors, they will not wait and look for another time to return back to your site. Instead, they will instantly go to your competition.

We don’t say this, studies do! Here are some eye-opening statistics about poor web hosting services.

Did you know?

Based on these figures, it can be said that site accessibility and loading time is crucial to deliver a quality web experience to your audience. And this is only possible if you hire a service provider whose hosting service you can trust and rely on! This is what IT SOLUTION is recognised for! We take pride in being the top choice among online businesses for hosting services.

At IT SOLUTION, we specialise in hosting services. Whether you need a domain name, web hosting or email hosting service, we can assist you with it all. We have the experience, the expertise and the state of the art equipment to facilitate all your hosting needs according to your business requirements and goals to your satisfaction.

Through our email hosting services, you can easily create email accounts that link to your website. This helps greatly as it organizes your business emails and keeps them separate from other correspondences.

Besides this, it provides your company with the facility to use your site domain name as an e-mail address, for example, sales@yourcompanyname.com.sg

Hosting Services – Areas of Specialization

We offer a variety of hosting-plans, all of which are thoughtfully custom designed to fit different needs and budgets. Regardless of what plan you select, here are some of the top and standard features you can always benefit from:

  • Free domain names
  • Excellent and on-demand technical support by our experienced professionals
  • 99.9 percent site up-time guarantee

At IT SOLUTION, we offer businesses of all sizes across industries with a wide range of hosting services.

Our areas of specialization include:

#1. Domains

When you take your business online, one of the most important decisions you are likely to make that will have a long term impact on visitor traffic generation and SEO is the selection of your site’s domain name. In other words, the power and effectiveness of your domain name should not be underestimated.

It is important to understand that computers basically communicate and interact by using IP numbers, pretty much like you use a telephone number to dial on the phone of a specific person. Remember, IP numbers can be extremely difficult for your website visitors to keep in mind. This is where domain names come into the picture. Domain name is a unique name assigned to your website’s numeric IP address which is easier to memorise and recall.

From branding to adding credibility to your business, your domain name plays an important role in the success of your business over the web, so it should be really good and easy to recall. Selecting a good domain name that is not a duplicate of another website is exhausting, especially in today’s time when the internet is approaching the 1 billion mark.

At IT SOLUTION, we can help you with both domain name selection and registration. We are specialists at what we do! We can help you select a domain name that is logical, short, and memorable so it’s easier for your audience to type and find you over the web without getting lost in cyberspace.

From Singapore domains to top-level domains, specialty domains and country code domains, we can assist you with them all. Click

#2. Shared Hosting

Under this service, multiple businesses share a single-server for website hosting. All businesses using shared hosting services are provided with a separate and unique directory. This is where they can upload their files while the server is shared, administered and managed by our team.

This hosting solution is perfect for businesses looking for a strong online presence but having a limited budget. It is economical since multiple website owners use the same server to host their sites, thus the cost is divided among all the users which makes it easier for site owners to keep their websites running without incurring costly expenses.

When you opt for the shared-hosting plan with IT SOLUTION, you don’t have to worry about technical maintenance of the server or backend, administration or Linux expertise to manage and maintain your server. It is fully taken care of by our technical and maintenance teams. With us, you can focus fully on your core business tasks while enjoying a stress-free hosting experience.

To deliver you the best in shared hosting services, we utilize the power of cloud storage technology to optimize the effectiveness of shared resources. We also provide users with a user-friendly web-based CP (control panel) so it easier for the site owner to upload new content and update the website, complying with Google algorithms, create email accounts and a database. To learn more about our shared-hosting services and to view our wide range of hosting plans, click

#3. VPS Hosting

VPS is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Server. It takes web hosting to a whole new level. Although your business website in hosted on the same shared server, but the way it works makes this hosting service extremely different.

Unlike shared-hosting which is based on the first come, first serve format, under VPS, your website is hosted on a partition of the server with assigned-resources which are EXCLUSIVELY dedicated to you. Simply put, a single physical server is sliced into several virtual and dedicated machines which contain reserved and protected amount of RAM and access.

Besides this, this hosting service extends excellent security, much needed to ensure your websites are well-protected from potential web-based threats and vulnerabilities.

It gives you the power to customize. Under VPS hosting service, users get root access. This means you can install any software or operating system, and simultaneously perform any task at the root level if you desire. Another benefit of using this service is the speed of your dedicated resources. In VPS, you know how much space and bandwidth you are allowed to use, and this makes it easier for you to improve your site to optimize website load-time. Plus, according to your needs and requirements, you can always upgrade this service.

At IT SOLUTION, we can provide you with tailored VPS package as per your business requirements in the fastest time. Click here to learn more.

#4. Security

Guard your website from hackers and potential web-based threats by availing our security services. Your business website is your e-store where customers shop for products and through their credit cards. To win them over as lifelong customers, you need to give them the confidence that sharing confidential data like their credit card number for online shopping payments is safe. And to ensure this, it is important that your business takes the necessary steps and security measures.

Operating in the industry for the longest time, at IT SOLUTION, we understand the threats and vulnerabilities online businesses are exposed to on a daily bases. To minimize security risk and ensure you provide a secure environment for customers to shop and pay on your website, we offer a variety of web-based security solutions.

From 128 bit SSL certificates, that provides businesses operating online with bank-level data security over the web to ID Protect and SiteLock, we offer you the very best and advanced online security solutions, preventing hackers from stealing sensitive and confidential data that your customers share with you.

We also help you ensure that all communications between you and your customers over the web are carried out in a secure environment and in an encrypted format. Rest assured, your customers’ confidential information like their personal data and credit card numbers are well protected and can’t be accessed with our solutions. For more information about our hosting security services, click here to learn more.

The Impact of Server Location as Local SEO Ranking Factor

Higher Server Uptime and Customer Service Relationship

Engaging in a local firm where your business runs will help establish a better business relationship. Our servers are located locally, in Singapore. You are able to reach for support in the shortest time possible (decreasing downtime period), rather than talking to an automated calling machine and saving you valuable time.

If you are targeting the local market, it will be ideal to host your website with us to ensure high server uptime, as support is always reachable whenever there is an issue.

In addition, hosting your site locally with us increases website loading time. Your website loads faster for your customers, allowing users to browse through your website with no disruptions and at the same time, enhancing visitor’s satisfaction. Google explicitly mentioned that the speed at which a webpage loads is one of the factors that impact SEO rankings.

Downtime Decreases SEO Ranking

The amount of downtime your server is experiencing affects SEO ranking. Search engine spiders might attempt to visit your website several times a day to access your site for SEO rankings.

They might not be able to access your website if you are experiencing a downtime at that moment and will proceed to the next website. If this situation persists, they might flagged your website as unreliable, causing a significant decrease in SEO ranking.

What impact does server location have on rankings?

Can the geographic location of a web server affect SEO?

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A great website design and winning internet marketing plan is not merely enough to create a strong online presence. It is equally important to have a reliable hosting service provider to ensure that your website is accessible to your customers round the clock. It is also vital that it loads fast so that the money you’ve invested in the design and SEO marketing plan to generate traffic to your website pays off successfully. Let us take a closer look at what web hosting is and how it is important to your online business?

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