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Each service that we have is 100% customizable to fit your needs and concerns. We deeply understand that each business has varying requirements and goals to achieve. Therefore, there is no universal strategy or action that works for everybody. We strive to be as flexible as possible because we want to ensure that you are getting only the services you need.

We have various plans for you to choose from. This opens a myriad of possibilities for you to explore and experiment. In addition, you can select multiple services which you deem compatible with your business or personal use. In case you want to shift to any of our service or program, just inform us and we will gladly shut down your existing program to give way to the new one.

At IT Support, we understand the value of time. We do not want all of our customers waiting for hours or days just for a simple concern. That’s why you can expect us to respond to your calls in an expedient manner. This means we’re here for you 24 hours of the day, 7 times a week, 365 days a year! Our team is ready to accept your calls even in the most urgent situations.

As much as possible, we want to settle concerns without further delay. No one wants to feel inconvenienced, after all.

As a top IT service provider in Singapore, we’ve built an impressive amount of experience from working with our customers over the years. This means we have tried and tested different methods to come up with a winning formula that guarantees customer satisfaction. In line with this, we have been upgrading our data centers and security systems to meet the demands of the latest technology. Our platform is all about scalability, reliability, safety, and satisfaction.

We also have a robust IT infrastructure with multiple layers of network and security systems. We make sure to protect our systems from potential attacks and intrusions by consistently scanning all of our infrastructure components. To top it all off, we have been partnering with reputable IT security companies. We are proud to say that we are one of the few companies in Singapore that have acquired multiple certifications from these industries.

Singapore is a very progressive nation in so many aspects, especially in technology. By having a data center in the Lion City, we get the most groundbreaking technology any IT company would want. Such advancement allows customers to have a platform that leverages infrastructure, curtails latency, and avoids network infiltration.

Due to Singapore’s superior network and bandwidth, you can connect from anywhere around the world. This means you can avail our services and get them on the same day without hassle. Upgrade or downgrade your system instantly, just the way you want it. Also, such capability is a huge deal if you have a business, as you can reach your customers speedily.

Cloud computing is indeed the future platform for IT companies. Studies show that more businesses are moving from traditional to cloud data centers due to the technology’s innovative approach.

We at IT Solution are pioneers in cloud computing, so we knew how the system works by heart. Other cloud service providers are behind us in terms of progress and innovation. Since others are just realizing the potential of cloud technology, their packages either do not have a strong foundation or likely not too affordable. Meanwhile, we have been using cloud technology for a long time. Thus, we have mastered how to strike a balance between affordability and quality.

For a very reasonable price of S$200, you will get a complimentary G Suite (Google Apps for Work) setup. This means when you include this service on the hosting package that you have chosen, we will set it up for you. This can be a complex process when done alone, that’s why we are happy to offer our assistance.

Shared Hosting Packages

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Email Accounts
MX Entry
Default Address
Mailing Lists
Track Delivery
Global Email Filters
User Email Filters
Address Importer
Apache SpamAssassin
Configure Greylisting
Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration


File Manager
Directory Privacy
Disk Usage
Web Disk
FTP Accounts
FTP Connections
Backup Wizard


Raw Access
Analog Stats
Webalizer FTP
Metrics Editor


SSH Access
IP Blocker
Hotlink Protection
Leech Protection


Addon Domains
Simple Zone Editor
Advanced Zone Editor


MySQL Databases
MySQL Database Wizard
Remote MySQL

Software and Services

PHP PEAR Packages
Perl Modules
Site Software
Optimize Website
Softaculous Apps Installer


Cron Jobs
Track DNS
Error Pages
Apache Handlers
MIME Types
Virus Scanner


Password & Security
Change Language
Change Style
Contact Information
User Manager

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