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Google announced on 6 October 2020:

Rebranding G Suite with a new name

Google Workspace

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The Importance and Usage of Google G Suites in Spreading your Business

Google is undeniably the most relevant company nowadays in terms of globalization. Its massive influence and groundbreaking innovation gave way for millions of companies to flourish. Words are not enough to describe how magnificent Google is – it’s virtually untouchable and unmatched when it comes to catering businesses. Google’s newest offering, the G Suite, has the capacity of elevating your company through its scalable platform and versatile features.

Initially, G Suite was dubbed Google Apps for Work. It is a platform that functions as a cloud-based solution to revolutionize business operations like no other. Google aims companies to simplify collaboration and operate remotely – hence the name.

With full integration of G Suite, you can utilize Google apps like you normally do. The main difference is that you get the best of these apps, as you can extend their features in a large-scale setting.
For example, you can send customizable emails on your Gmail account, store voluminous files, hold video conference calls, and organize your spreadsheets or presentations more professionally.

Overall, G Suite is an all-inclusive solution for your business needs.

IT Solution Provide Professional Setup G Suite Service

Our team at IT Solution has been mastering Google apps and platforms for years. We have been applying Google’s approach personally when working. Therefore, expect us to set up your G Suite seamlessly. In addition, you can contact us if you need support or if you have concerns that need fixing.

Google announced on 6 October 2020:

Rebranding G Suite with a new name

Google Workspace


Create (Formerly Collaborate)

Google Docs by G SuiteGoogle Docs

Google Sheets by G SuiteGoogle Sheets

Google Slides by G SuiteGoogle Slides

Google Forms by G SuiteGoogle Forms

Google Sites by G SuiteGoogle Sites

Google Jamboard by G SuiteGoogle Jamboard

Google Keep by G SuiteGoogle Keep

Connect (Formerly Communicate)

Google Gmail by G SuiteGoogle Gmail

Google Calendar by G SuiteGoogle Calendar

Google Plus by G SuiteGoogle Plus

Google Hangouts Chat by G SuiteGoogle Hangouts Chat

Google Hangouts Meet by G SuiteGoogle Hangouts Meet

Google Hangout Meets Hardware by G SuiteGoogle Hangout Meets Hardware

Access (Formerly Store)

Google Cloud Search by G SuiteGoogle Cloud Search

Google Drive by G SuiteGoogle Drive

Control (Formerly Manage)

Google Admin by G SuiteGoogle Admin

Google Mobile Device Management by G SuiteGoogle Mobile Device Management

Google Vault by G SuiteGoogle Vault

G Suite Managed Services

Our G Suite Managed Services assist businesses to get the most out of their investment in Google without having to dedicate internal IT resources.
Relying on IT Solution for G Suite Managed Services can help you to decrease IT costs and focus internal resources on more strategic work.
Furthermore, you can rest assured that our support team are managing your Google environment to follow best practices across the entire Google ecosystem.

Our G Suite Services standard features include:

New hire adds
Employee exits (file transfer, deprovisioning, delegated access, etc.)
Password reset
Configuration management
Group creation and management
Email signature adjustments
Apps whitelists
Domain whitelist management
Designated escalation professional
Domain management
Organization structure management
Management of approved third party applications

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Our experienced team of experts will help you to understand your needs, set up a strategy tailored just for you and deliver the greatest value.

Google announced on 6 October 2020:

Rebranding G Suite with a new name

Google Workspace