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Did you come up with the perfect name for your website? You can conduct a domain name search on IT Solution Singapore, and we will tell you if the name is available.

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Domain Name Search and Purchase Through IT Solution Singapore

For this, you can enter the proposed domain name excluding the top-level domain (.com) in the domain search box, and then click on the search option to check domain name availability.

For example, if you want to name your website, just type newwebsite. We will not only tell you if it is available for .com but also other top-level domains, such as .org, .sg,, etc.

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To Purchase the Domain Name

If the domain name search returned positive results, you could purchase it at the most affordable rate through us.

Just click on the ‘Order Now’ option that is shown beside the available domain name along with the top-level domain. Our website is totally safe, and we provide instant delivery.

What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

A top-level domain, in simple terms, is the ‘.com,’ or similar other extensions at the end of your URL. It is used to represent the nature (purpose) of your website.

Here are the things that the top-level domains indicate:

.com: Commercial website.

.net: The net stands for NETwork. Most companies that provide services related to the Internet use it.

.sg: This means that the website is based in Singapore. A commercial website that is based in Singapore.

.org: A website of an organization. It can be for-profit or non-profit.

.biz: A business website in the entertainment niche.

.info: Website offering information about certain things.


  • Your website will be accessible no matter what TLD you use. Also, the TLD won’t affect your website speed, as it is not related to the hosting.
  • Many users prefer opening a .com website; you need to keep that in mind.
  • Remember that the content of one TLD can be very much different from that of others. For example, you may purchase ‘,’ but another person can buy ‘’
  • We recommend you to buy a ‘.com’ TLD, and another one which specifically describes the purpose of the website. This will help avoid imitation to some extent.
  • In case you purchase more than one TLD, you don’t need to put content on all of them. Or, you could redirect from one to TLD to another. For example, when you type in ‘’, opens.
What if the Domain Name is Not Available?

If you check domain name and it is not available, it means whether there already is a website by that name, or a person currently owns the domain name. You can’t really do anything in the first case, but in the latter, you may buy the name directly from the owner. Nevertheless, when you do that, you need to meet the demands of the seller.

On the other hand, you may consider getting a different TLD. Our domain name search still displays the TLDs which are up for grabs.

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Already Own A Domain Name?

If you already own a domain name, you can transfer your domain to us to manage your domain. You will also be able to manage your domain names via our client web portal. You will have full control with your domain name.